17 thoughts on “Ferrari 458”

  1. This is an awesome car! i saw one not long time ago near abc dbayeh but it was dark grey and had a yellow plate card

  2. I saw a yellow one yesterday at St. Georges beach, too bad I didnt have my camera or phone with me to take pictures

    it had a yellow plate with the initial M. Also next to it there was a yellow 430 F1.

    I think the 458 is the most beautiful Ferrari ever made

  3. Ramoses well hang out in St. Georges, the cars were parked in boat owners area, so there is a big chance you’ll see them there all the time

  4. man the only thing i dislike about your website is posting pics in one dimensions 640*480 ! where in 2010 !

  5. on sunday june 27th, at 7.30am, i saw SIX italias passing by in zouk mosbeh near NDU, followed by three californias!! sadly didnt get the chance to take a photo, partly due to the shock…

  6. That looks beautiful, I love european/Middle eastern license plates on the exotic cars! I have seen a couple 458’s in diffrent colors here in the U.S but not on the streets yet, only at the shipping warehouse!

  7. @ dirk, this is lebanon, there is more than 8 ferrari 458 for lebanese in lebanon (most of them not registered in lebanon, but they r driven by lebanese)
    @ ryan: thats true but the number was a bit less than 6
    @ aach2006: u have a point. thank u for ur advice

  8. Why won’t u update the site? There is a million exotics. Yesterday I saw 2 Californias and 1 F430, 2 Maserati and 1 Bentley Continental GT! Sadly didn’t have my camera, so I couldn’t take a pic. But plz update the site. BTW, all the exotics were LEBANESE!!!

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