8 thoughts on “Renault Spider Williams”

  1. elie put plz the blue phantom,i know that im not the 1 who spotted it,but took it from other site…waiting 4 it

  2. hey wissam , i don’t think elie could put the blue phantom because it’s illegal to take pictures from other sites and post them her in exoleb
    don’t u think that im right?

  3. i’ve got pictures of a Silver BMW M3, a Blue M3, and ill soon take pics of a red M3 for sale -2002 for 50,000$-, i wanted to buy that one but the owner is askin too much, its should be for like 44,000$ max.!!!

  4. sorry elie, but when i entered the forum.. i got confused, its not clear. anyway, i posted comments on the forum but they didnt appear!!!! complicated!

  5. this car used 2 park bil mant2a 3anna bil jabal, its doors open upwards, n the interior has “Renault Sport Spider” un the steerin wheel, i was young (11 yrs) the it stopped appearing i guess he sold it or somethin

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