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  1. i have 4 nice photos,2 phantoms ( i send them from 2 weeks but didnt displayed yet,doono y), m3, 2006 m5 …by the way there r more than 10 M5 in leb,here in this website fi blue one w fi silver(415) and other silverone(nb plate is big) and i have also a one of that nb plate(1250) in addition 2 that i saw a black one and also lebanese,,finally i saw a black one on the way 2 my home,,,dont forget the one also in beil color taba3a champ

  2. Wissam I sent you a mail about the phantoms.
    If you want to put them on Exoleb you will have to do that in the forum (you also have to provide a link to those pics)

  3. hey wissam last month on discovery Tv they tolked about the M5 and they say that if u order an M5 right now u’ll have 2 wait untill 2007( i was too surprizedddd:S ino it’s not a FERRARI

  4. ya shabeb hal siyara ma 3laya 2el haibe la2an ma32oul 7adan yeshtria bi 200000$ w yemken yjib ya7de bi 70000 w ya3mela sl65 bi 5000 usd

  5. farfoura has got a point. and for you to make sure it isnt an SL65, herez the trick: look at the front grill of this mercedes SL, count the blades.. they are 4 blades!! BUT, the SL65 has only 3 blades, and thats how u can make sure that this SL65 is a fake.

  6. i couldnt because this SL was parked in DT where we cant park but i parked in front of and take these 3 pics and then the officer came and told me move my car so i left:S

  7. shabeb this is a fake sl65 amg it’s sl55 amg i swear i see it near my home the sppedometre is 320 km/h 2el sl65 amg 360 km/h ok w 3ala koullen 2el sl65 ma fi menna red mousta7il bi black white w silver

  8. ur so dam right farfoura, just that an SL65 reaches a top speed of 368km/h, and cars of colors gold, champ, and metallic green are also produced, in addition to the black and silver. anyway, i insist that this sl65 is a fake, no matter wat u george and wissam say.

  9. look 4 faroora and kamal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i will send u a pic of red sl 56 amg then for kamal keef top speed 368 km/hr keef heik iza speedomter 360 keef l top speed aslan heyye maximum 310 km/hr….hehe

  10. speedometer tabaa3 l sl 65 amg is 220 mph yaa3ne 360 km/hr .fa kamal yalla 3am tetfalsaf keef l top speed bykoooooon 368km/hr

  11. SL 65 AMG or NOT??
    in my opinion it is not, the gill having 4 blades DOES NOT matter. look at the bottom fron fender, the fog lights r centered in the middle and the small box is not sharp looking like 65 amg with the fog lights centered all the way at the of the corners. If the guy has took another picture on the side we could have known better if we saw small gills on the bottom side of the front fender as well…..therefore judgin from those pictures i do not think its 65 amg….

    As for colours it doesnt matter either, mecedes has launched the unlimited edition deals…therefore, u can now order ur SLR or SL AMG or any other high price tag cars through the UNLIMITED package, so u can mix and match and cutomize it however u want it….the hell u have ur slr in pink exterior with white interior….its not limited to the silver and white…this goes for the SL and other cars as well..

  12. shabeb tawlou belkon 2el sl65 amg can reach a speed nearly 200mph exactly 317 km/h kamal ma32oul tjib 2el 368 saret 2asra3 men 2el enzo w ma ma32oul t7ot 2el mercedes 360 wel siyara fiya tjib aktar

    whoever said that the sl65 can reach 368!!is absoloutly wrong and has to revisse hise knowledge about cars..cuz eleh byefham bil sayarat bya3rif ino when a car can reach 368 its would be sold like an enzo..cuz the enzo has a top speed around 360km/h…
    well if we want to be sure if its an sl65..at least we could look at the panoramic view min il sate7 cuz this is an option that only comes with the amg tuner..neaways its wud be better if there was more pik…
    w3a kol 7al la shu hal sharee3a kil khaleh ileh 3am byefham 3layna ykoun 3indo shakk bas ileh manno lebneneh khalee ya3ref ino il sl65 ma shi bi leb

  14. okay guys, the party is over, hope u enjoyed it!! so now relax and read carefully:
    First of all, im sorry for the 368km/h top speed, technical mistake, not meant to be. so herez the news: both SL55 and SL65 have a top speed of 250km/h, its just that an SL55 V8 5.5liter accelerates 0-100km/h at 4.7sec, while an SL65 V12 6.0liter accelerates 0-100km/h at 4.2sec .
    Moving to the body, no doubt you should have taken pics for the side of this SL because we cant judge like that. Anyway, Hamze farhat is right about the fog lights on the front bumper, they should have been on the edges, not on the center (so this bumper is probably a tuned custom made and this car is fake). And concerning the blades, any 2006 MERCEDES SL has only 3 blades. and rayan abo ayyash, ur so mistaken about the roof!
    and by the way, concerning the colors, the unlimitted edition deals newly arrised.. didnt exist before.

    now through reading all of ur comments, i’ve seen that george and wissam have the silliest comments, u can see how sure they are when they change the sl65 or sl56(as wissam says) each time they post a comment, just check them again and ull notice it.

    FINALLY, I HOPE U’VE CRACKED UR BRAINS AND I DARE YOU TO SAY ANYTHING OPPOSING WHAT I SAID. so next time think twice before posting redicoulis comments just for the sake of posting. THANK YOU.

  15. for kamal
    1st of all it’s me who told u that a SL65 or SL 55 AMG cant reach a top speed of 368
    2nd it’s me who told u that the SL 65 AMG is electronecly limited at 250km/hr
    3rd of all hamze is right concerning the fog lights
    so soret 50% SL55amg w 50% sl65amg
    finally bcoz i was driving and the officer told me to move the car i wasn’t abel so see the rims so………………………

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