13 thoughts on “Custom Mustang GT”

  1. first of all, malboro gives some employees various cars with malboro logos to drive across lebanon: first the wrangler then H2 and now mustang!!
    anyway, this mustang isnt a GT, trust me im sure about it.

  2. no man i think it’s a GT coz in marlboro speed of sound(sahra kenit bel biel) they where 3 mustang like this one but i couldnt take some photos because of the rain

  3. That is in fact a GT due to the front foglights and the stance. My wife is Lebanese but we live in Houston Tx. We just built her a custom Roush Mustang. could someone please inform me on how to post a picture of it.

  4. hey man btw what’s ur ride ???
    if u customised a mustang GT for ur wife that’s mean u must have a nice carr

  5. I spend all of my time building cars for other people that I don’t have time for mine. You can see some of the cars that I build by clicking on my name.

  6. WOWWWWW u r a professional
    nice man , if i were at ur place i’ll buy a 350z and ADD some nice aerodynamic stuff with around 500 HP that will be astonishing:D

  7. i d like to see a ford gt in lebanon, its 1 of the least expensive exotic cars in the world, enno its weird u see lambos n ferraris n u dont see ford gt, guess there arent any on dislay in the comany here, baddak totloba min barra.

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