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  1. Calling all M3’s!!! Anyone with an E46 M3 who would like to join us is welcome. Im sure there are quite a few in Lebanon. We should try and organize some car meets where we can discuss our love for these cars and share technical info. Enjoy the pics ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. AHH IT’S FOR U:S i spotted that M3 in monot and the pictures are in that site:D
    tab tarek i want to join u:D but the probleme is that i dont own a M3:S neither a BMW lol:S
    WAWWWW 3 M3zzzz on the highway nice;) did u have a race??

  3. Thanks for the nice comments george. We didnt really race. The roads were a bit wet from the rain on sunday morning so we just did some high speed cruising. Glad you enjoyed the pics;)

  4. hey tarek, me and other 2 have 3 bmw’s m3, but the “boy” body, older than urz: we tried before to let others in but all turned out to 318 or 320 tuned to look as an m3, so we remained 3! anyways, tc and btw we will soon upgrade to the new m3.

  5. hey kamal what did u mean by “upgrade to the new M3′???
    do u mean by the new M3,the M3 of tarek and his friends or the M3 2007??(the new body)

  6. hey guys(george-kamal-ali-tarek),actually i read an article from the internet which says that the 1994 ford Svt 10.0L Boss mustang is the quickest 0-60 mph or 100km/hr ……just 1.9 sec,do u believe that.. and dodge tomahawk V10 is the fastet car(motocycle) which can reach a speed of just 300 mph = 500Km/hr……

  7. Hey Kamal
    Nice to know you guys have M3’s. All M3’s are great. I really love the E30 M3. Its one of my favorites:) We should all organize a meet. Pick a sunday and all meet at a certain location. All BMW’s, All Models.

    How would you promote such a meet? I dont know enough people who own BMW’s. Just my 2 M3 buddies in the pics.

  8. hey tarek now i reread the comments on the picture of ur car in monot and i realized that ur M3 isnt like other M3’s it’s body and engine tuned it seems that u had payed a lot so can u give us the costs of a regular M3 and the cost of the parts that u added to ur car??(to have a idea) the M3 dont costs more than 70.000$,isnt it??
    moreover i saw a video of a M3 CSL and noticed that ur car is better because the M3 CSL dont contain an AC,radio her suspension is made for tracks so if u get to a bump u have to slow down(less than 5km/hr)and u’ll feel the bump .finaly,the tyres are kind of sliks so u canot drive it on rain.

  9. Hey George…
    I brought this car with me from California and ive spent about $30,000 in modifications so far. I dont know how much the M3 costs in Lebanon, but im assuming its between $75000-$80000 from Bassoul Hneini if you get it with the same options i have.

    Here is a list of the modofications i’ve added…
    1.) Bilstien PSS9 Double Adjustable Coilover Suspension (I used to take my baby to the track often in California)
    2.) Eibach Anti Roll Bars (Front and Rear)
    3.) Carbon Fiber CSL Front Bumper
    4.) Carbon Fiber CSL Roof
    5.) Brembo Gran Turismo Front and Rear Big Brake Kit
    6.) Full Custom 2-tone Red and Black leather Interior
    7.) Supersprint Stainless Steel Headers, Catalytic Converters, and X-pipe
    8.) Dixis Titanium Rear Muffler Exhaust
    9.) Gruppe M Cold Air Ram Intake
    10.) Turner Motorsport Under Drive Pullies
    11.) and a couple of extra AC-Schnitzer goodies in the interior (pedal, handbrake, etc.)

    My friend Rafic with the yellow M3 has a lot of the same stuff on his car as well. Hope this helps. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. it took you one day to fill out all these comments!!!!
    well george i meant by “upgrade to the new boy” that we want to buy the E46 M3, like those with tarek and his frnds. now for tarek, im goin back to dubai soon but meanwhile my frnds will be working on one big event, so hopefully when i come back, we will arrange a trip around lebanon for all BMW’s, or just the 3-series (all models)- didnt decide yet.
    now all i can say is that i hope things will be good here in lebanon when we do this!

  11. Tarek, excellent work. I guess u have added awesome mods to the car. Haven’t u thought about supercharging it? Maybe an AA supercharger, with that and ur mods, the power can reach some 500. Tarek, my friend has an E46 M3 (kuwait), we definetly can arrange some meet. The only way we can do it is by word of mouth. Think about it and let me now.
    Geroges, the E90 will be a V8 4.0L normally aspirated not turbocharged. The turbocharged version will be a regular 335i (not even an M car). Another turbocharged car will be the 135i. BMW “M” never used turbo’s in its cars. The only exception is the 2002 turbo, which was a regular BMW car, only prepared BMW Motorsport (back at those time, BMW M was known as BMW Motorsport).


  12. hey ali in the link that i gave it they wrote TURBOCHARGED:d
    nice TAREK to much for the body but it’s very nice.. hey tarek y dont ur friends( M3 ) visit this site and talk about there own M3zzz??
    moreover i saw the yellow one in the shop 3al tari2 l ba7riye it’s a paint shop that paint all kind of exotics cars

  13. Hey tareq, very impressive collection ๐Ÿ™‚
    I own a silver 2005 325 Ci (purchased in mid-2004), and i would definitely be interested in a meet…

    btw, an M3 from bassoul-hneiene costs upward of $90,000 as a base price (if not more). yes, prices in this country are just crazy…

  14. Rudy, George, Ali, and Kamal…
    Thanks for the comments. I think a meet would be a great idea. It can be a BMW meet. All BMW’s are welcome. Old, new, fast, and slow. It doesnt matter. It will be an opportunity for all of us to see how big the BMW community is in Lebanon. I used to go to a great meet in California called Bimmerfest. It was awesome. Some people even brought thier (very old) BMW 2002 turbos that were restored and modified. Im sure there are a lot of great BMW’s here in Lebanon. Ive heard stories of people dropping bigger engines from other cars in thier 3 series. That would definately be interesting to see. What do you say guys?? Lets pick a date and try to get as many BMW owners as possible. Again…im sure there are a ton of great BMW’s in Lebanon. We just need to find and bring them. Anyone wanna suggest a date? A Saturday or Sunday morning would probably be best.

  15. hey tarek like i told u before that i dont own a BMW but i would like to join the BMW meeting coz i love cars and adore the BMW

  16. hey all ,actually my friend has a 3 series(alpina ,red,2003) ,its veryfast,and he would like 2 join the BMW meeting …so we should decide the date and time very soon

  17. Tarek, i have a few Mischeif DVDs, i guess u must have heard of those guys at dtmpower.net. I have watched lots of bimmerfests, awesome gatherings:). By the way Tarek, you were right bout the ventilation grooves on the GTR.

    Geroges, yes i know it says turbo but listen there are lots of rumors now. There was rumor that the e90 will be called M4 !!! There was even a rumor that the car will be produced as a 4-door sedan only. But as far as i have read in magazines, no turbo will be used (i hope so). But lets see what the guys in munich will have to say ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. hey george, im out of town, but i told my frnds and hopefully they will be there.

  19. Greatings everyone,

    This is Rafic, Tarek’s friend and owner of the yellow BMW M3 which you can see in the pictures Tarek posted.
    I’ve been meaning to post a comment on this forum but didn’t have the chance until now. Tell you the truth, I’ve recently ordered some performance parts for my other car and was busy with my mechanic getting the parts installed; oh and in case you were wondering about the “other” car, it’s a Mitsubishi Evo 6 Tommi Makinen Edition.
    And to to share my passion, for cars in general and my cars in particular, here’s a list of mods that I’ve done to both of my cars. Please feel free to comment.

    First, the BMW M3:

    1.) AC-Schnitzer (or ACS) Front Carbon Spoiler/Flippers/Brackets;
    2.) ACS Roof Spoiler;
    3.) ACS Racing Wing;
    4.) Vortseiner Carbon Fiber GTR Style Hood;
    5.) Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber CSL Style Diffuser;
    6.) Hamann Light Brows;
    7.) Hamann Fog Lamp Covers;
    8.) ACS Pedals;
    9.) ACS Handbrake Lever;
    10.) ACS Short Shifter;
    11.) Gruppe M Cold Air Ram Intake;
    12.) Supersprint Racing Pipes;
    13.) Supersprint X-Pipe;
    14.) Supersprint Light Weight rear muffler;
    15.) Brembo Gran Turismo Front and Rear Big Brake Kit

    And I recently ordered and took delivery of 19″ LeMans BBS rims and a lower ratio rear differential for improved acceleration. I still didn’t manage to install them on the car because I was busy modding my Evo 6 TME. Speak of the devil, here’s the list of modds that were done on the Evo.

    Evolution 6 Tommi Makinen Editon or TME:

    1.) Supersprint Racing Pipes and Turbo Down-pipe;
    2.) Supersprint Mid-pipe;
    3.) Blitz Spec N?ษฌบr Rear Muffler;
    4.) Cosworth Forged Pistons;
    5.) Arrows Forged Conrods;
    6.) Cometic Racing Head Gasket;
    7.) HKS Racing Camshafts;
    8.) HKS Adjustable Camshaft Pulleys;
    9.) HKS Racing Valve Springs;
    10.) HKS Racing Suction Intake System;
    11.) HKS Racing Spark Plugs;
    12.) Uprgades on the original Turbocharger include: Ball Bearing Conversion, Bigger Turbo Housing and Uprated Turbo Waste Gate;
    13.) Walbro Racing Fuel Pump
    14.) Custom ECU Remap;
    15.) Turbosmart Electronic Boost Controler;
    16.) Turbosmart Blow Off Valve or Dump Valve;

    I haven’t driven the car yet. Work was finished on it today. I should pick it up tomorrow afternoon (after our meet). The downside is that it needs running in (rodage) for 1500 KM because of all the new engine parts. After the run-in period (rodage), we’re gonna remap the ECU to get all the power out of the engine.

    Finaly, I would like to add that these two geat cars aren’t the only two cars we have in our garage. For my everyday drives I use a 2005 Opel Astra Turbo which packs 200hp, a 6 speed gearbox and an OPC (Opel Performance Center) bodykit. It’s quite fast for a small car. My brother owns a 2005 Subaru WRX STi and a 2003 Opel Astra Turbo Coupe (the older body) which packs a good 190hp and an Irimsher bodykit. These Opels are small cars with turbo engines that develop 200 horses. They’re not super fast, but they are fast enough for the real world. You can compare them to the Honda Civic Type R or the new Gold GTi. And I used to own a red 2003 Yamaha R1 superbike. I sold it a year ago.

    That’s about it. It was nice posting on this website. Keep up the good work and talk to you soon. Take care everyone and remember, don’t DRIVE fast but FLY low!

  20. WOWWWWWWWWWWW by the way i used to see ur car on sea side AUTOFORUM(i dont remenber the shop name:S because when i pass throw i look inside it to see some ferrariss lol
    hope to see u today( rafic, tarek ……) to check ur cars and the modificationsss:D:D

  21. hey rafic u really really have a nice car. and maybe i saw ur’s in bliss ‘hamra’ , im not sure… but the same! and i also have a picture. (Don?ข‚วจ‚ัขt DRIVE Fast But FLY Low! ) ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Beautiful M3’s , M power babe !!…. my bro’s friend has an e46 M3 convertible , silver … simply beautiful

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