Exoleb Meeting

If you are the lucky owner of a sport car, a luxury sedan, or an Exotic car you are invited to join us at the Exoleb car meeting that will be held at Crepaway Jounieh on the 20th of may at 12:30 p.m. to celebrate the first anniversary of our online portal.

If you wish to come to the meeting, Please leave us a note using the comment option.

Click here to see the flyer of the meeting.

23 thoughts on “Exoleb Meeting”

  1. okay ghada ya3ne:D eh ana no problem beje:D:D
    yalla tarek and the M3zzz join us (hayda l meeting yalle ken badkoun ta3mlou)

  2. Hi, The meeting is for sport cars, tuned cars, Exotic cars, Luxury sedan.
    Unless you are one of the people who always submit cars, comment on cars … then you are welcome with any car you want.

    In the meeting we will discuss cars, have lunch, look at the cars that cames… And about the racing thing, well racing is against the law so we will probably do some cruising but racing is not part of the meeting and we will not encourage it, if you want to race with someone we can’t stop you, but again its not part of the meeting.

  3. There will be 3 M3’s there for sure (mine included) 🙂 This is what we need here in Lebanon…a good car meet. Everyone, please try to tell as many people as you can. We should try to get as many people and cars there as possible. Cant wait!!!

  4. I will be there this Saturday for sure. Unfortunately, i can only stay till 2:30pm. The white M3 wont be able to make it since he is going to 3amman on Thursday. Ill do my best to convince the yellow M3 owner to come.

    George…I dont know that many exotic car owners. I just see them at my garage (Autoform) once in a while. Ill try to see if my garage can help me get in touch with some of them so that i can tell them to come.

    See you guys Saturday 🙂

  5. Mmm, well good idea. Too bad i cannot make it, i have a class on sat :(, have fun there guys and take pics 🙂

  6. i told many people, most of them tuned bmw’s, hope they’ll all make it, there are 2 of them that were bmw 328 1996-1998, but changed the motor into a 330, in addition to some of the hamann kit!! truely amazing rockets, almost M3’s, u will see them.
    now elie i wonna tell u sth, i dnt think there will be exotics as much as normal or sport cars coz the invitation wasnt expanded to the exotic owners in specific. but as for the bmw meeting in summer, ill do some connections with sponsors and others to advertise it on tv, radio, net (exoleb will be included, thx in advance) ahead of time so that we get as many bmw’s as we can.
    now back to this meeting, please take pictures and upload them to the site, and if u can, try taking a video of the cars while cruising. thx for all.

  7. hey kamal akid we are going to take some pictures and videosss:D:D while cruising and if someone of u are going to BURN TYRES

  8. ***is going to burn tyres (lol bass tama tetda7ako:P)
    ur right kamal cz me too i dont think that exotic cars are going to come to the meeting but tuned cars are OKAY(ino for the first meeting)

  9. hahahah, elie, take my advice and postpond this meeting, the guys are telling me that the weather will be terrible tomorrow. if u cant, then take care all of u.


  11. hey “JD” allak elie ino boukra ba3ed l meeting ra7 yerja3 ynazzil kel l souwar yalle ba3atnehoun ana kamen ba3atet porsche GT2 w continental GT

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