29 thoughts on “Lamborghini Diablo”

  1. hey ROMARC ive spotted the same car in the same place lol so i’ll submit the picture 2day

  2. i like this car and i saw it in the same place but i didin’t take any pic …:P lol and 2day i submit my porshe carrera 911 turbo (black)…..see it

  3. guys.fi enzo bi leb lal be3 bas mish hon l shagle,shagle inno hakka 99000 usd bas cuz 3emlet accident,,,w believe me ,,,,i found that on a lebanese site

  4. To submit a picture use the submit photo form (link at the top pf the page under the exoleb logo)

    About the Enzo I think it got crashed and the owner (ex-owner to be exact) wants to sell it , so if you buy it from lebanon he will send it and if you buy it from zimbabway he will send it, notice that the phone # is not lebanese. he is just advertising it everywhere on the web, but I could be wrong.

  5. I’ll receive your picture check it and then put it on the site it will appear on the site and then gradually be “lowered” by other picture after it will not be seen on the front page anymore and people will access it by clicking on the “porche” link or by searching for it.

  6. haha..i liked the enzo thing..
    its a enzo that was crashed somewhere in usa..the website wissame posted had read about the enzo somewhere and got information..3a kol 7al..i think that nothin is left from the wrecked enzo akid cuz i’ll give u this website for a wrecked enzo for sale its for 440000$

  7. layko iza mazbout 90.000$ i think it’s the enzo that was wrecked in 3 pieces so u’ll pay 90.000 and u get nothing because it’s totaly wrecked

  8. khaye i know someone shtara ferrari bi 45000$ bas akeed wrecked(bas l motor mneeeh) b3ata 3ala dubai ,kalafeto chi 60000$ body ,w halaaa2 howi baddo ybee3a bi 170000$,yaaaaaaaaa3ni leik sho rabhan minil chagle.anyway l ezno adde l motor costs,iza less than 70000$ fa its true bas iza aktar so that is not true

  9. hi guys ana jeye 3al meeting bi siyara mouch ra7 tsad2ou bass mouch la 2eli ana jeye bi aston martin db7 2001 volante v12 nterouni jeyye 99 bel meye

  10. hehe ok iza jite ahla w sahla bass ana be3te2id ino l 1% ra7 yerba7 ino ya3ne mech ra7 teje bel aston lol kidding lol

  11. hope that u’ll (farfoura)
    come in the DB7 tab tell ur friends to come if they own exoticssss:D

  12. farfoura, is ur name “dominique skarlette XXXXX” ?!?
    the XXXX are for family name privacy.

  13. i wanna see picturesss of farfoura in the aston martin plzz…….NOWWWWWWWWWWWWw……yala 3m betfarfarr hon, i love seeing girls driving exotics.. 😛

  14. ya hamze farfoura ma ejit 3al meeting so halla2 iza chefta bi exotic car mech ra7 sade2a lolllll (lol ana mech msada2 ina benet lol)

  15. sry bas dnt think that i thought ur dominique farfoura ma ghayra..!!! am askin abt another one. anyways, guys, the venturi 400gt u have on this site is for hajj ibrahim, the owner of barbar bakery (sanayeh).

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