29 thoughts on “Exoleb Meeting: Tuned M3”

  1. guys the pics r not that good,i mean they r all of the car at very close distance,we didnt c the full view of the body,,and whats with the motor? why 4 or 5 pics of it?? but nuff said…neat M3 ya tarek..

  2. because the engine is awesome and i’ve take a lot of pictures because everyone of us likes a different picture of the engine. in the video that willl be posted soon u’ll see the car from outside and inside

  3. it’s Very NEAT M3 ‘tweety’ and u can wait to see the video.hope that soon ..Me 2 waiting 4 the video.. nice car tarek .

  4. man z roof is carbon fiber weighing like 2 to 4 kilos:)so dont compare it wz z real one…& i guess u didnt realize zat z exhausts r made of titanium!!!everything in this car is specially tuned making it a real blast…besides i bet if u can find such a neat engine in any car… good job Tarek…as i always say to Tarek take care of it man….

  5. Thanks Guys 🙂
    Im glad you like what ive done with the car. You should see my friend Rafik’s yellow M3. Its insane!! If you like my car, you will love his. Many thanks to the guys from exoleb for being there this saturday. And thank you to AUTOFORM for installing all my modifications. You guys are the best in the business.

  6. Hey guys..So happy that u did the meeting i wish i was in lebanon…
    anyways..i think u could have done better in the meeting..u guys should have asked ferrari owners and porsche owners to come..like comon man porsches bi lebnen wein maken!!!!!!!!!! yala nshala bel seif ysir meeting teneh..lezim tes2alo kteer..and from now on George! whenever u see an exotic u have to talk to the owner!!! you guys have to get to know them so u may contact them someday!!!!!!!!!
    neways..the whole plan was great..good luck to all of us..3ESHTOM W3ASH LOBNAN 7ORAN MOSTAQILAN:)

  7. hey rayan i’ll try to do what u just said.(nice idea) lol
    lezim ysir meeting tene bel sayfiyee (hope so

  8. Hello everyone,

    Sorry I couldn’t make it to the meet. I was very busy with the Evo 6 that day. We were installing the induction kit on the car. And I was taking delivery of it as well. Anyway, we will arange another meeting soon. Maybe we’ll be able to round up more cars and people. Until then, take care and remember: Don’t DRIVE Fast, FLY Low!


  9. hey rafic it seems that u owns a lot of sports cars so next meeting u’ll have to come with the EVO 6 (by the way , did u get it or not yet??) the TUNED M3(ur brother will drive it) and the STI (i’ll drive it LOL:P)

  10. oh n by the way..Farfoura..is inteh/ina ba3d bteketbeh/btektob comment..eh walla ta jeeb kil il nfo 3anik/3anak and hack ur pc!..shu haida wlo!..lei lkezeb!

  11. oh wkamen elie plz put all the piks taba3 il meeting..mish bas sayarat badna nshoufkon ya zalameh 7ajeh mkhabayeen wara hal nicknames:P

  12. when we where at the meeting i spoked to elie(owner of exoleb) and he told me that a lot of guys thoughts that the meeting was on sunday so they didnt come:@:@ .moreover,one of the friends of tarek was not in lebanon(he owns an M3) and the other the owner of the yellow M3 ,rafic, was modifying his EVO 6 TME so he didnt come:S. so hope that all of u will come to the next meeting. by the way , an awesome video will be posted(the M3 of tarek flying and zigzaging on the highway of jounieh)

  13. wlek BMW w bas … btw , why all these modified parts ? did u modify only the looks or u tuned also the engine ?

  14. hi bs su2al u said the best tuned M3 hehe bas enno hal spoiler w kam sha4le sarit best tuned enno 3amil da5lak shi bel motor?w el exhausts ba3don stock rakkib eisenmann mufflers w shuf kif betsir anyways mabeha shi 7elwe fiha SMG tc of it bye

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