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  1. bas sho l special inno 3.2 L….yaaaa3ne feyye eb3at sooora la elie of BMw 760 IL…….lezem hal site ykooon bas lal exotics….RS4..M6.Sl65..F430..gallardo…mish audi 3.2 L special edition….aw tkooon m3adalle …guys common

  2. ino ma3ak 7a2 ya wissam ana metlak b2oul bass l salbe ino 3 sports cars 7ad ba3ed ino law keno 3 ferrarizz keno wawww bass 3 TT’s is ok

  3. bas hayde l mafrood tkoon faster than 330 bmw cuz akhaf weight….basssssssssssss akeeeeeeeed mish faster than M1 V8 4.9l(motor M5 E39)….hayda betkooon sayarat l mawsam…its coming soon/

  4. duuuuuuude what the hell is my car doing on this site loool
    and no there’s no 3.2 L TTs in lebanon there 2 silver ones but saudi plates numbers.. there are 4 TTs special edition 1 of them is 1.8 turbocharged 225 Hp Quattro (AWD+double exhaust) (my car :D:D) and the 3 others 180 front wheel drive..
    but who took the pics ??? cuz i might sew him :P:P

  5. hehe this was in the summer.
    anywayz in the pic we can see a 3.2L TT (the convertible one) annn sorry u can’t know because the exhauts can’t be seen but i saw it it’s a 3.2L

  6. btw, in NDU we have a teacher who owns a 1.8 L special edition (btw in my previous post i was talking about all TT models not only special edition)

  7. no 7abibi… the guy with the silver convertable TT is my friend and his TT is a 7.8 turbo 225 quattro TT not 3.2L TT cuz ma fi menna hon..
    and the silver one with the black top is a 180 FWD TT…
    BTW cool teacher u have lol
    her TT is gr8 but it has:
    5 speed automatic instead of 6 speed manual
    1 exhaust enstead of double exhaust
    and FWD instead of AWD (quattro)
    :D:D bas yeah like i said, cool teacher lol

  8. i must agree with BOB ma fi wala TT 3.2 L in leb, they all have the exact same engine which is a 1.8 L 20valves and all have turbos which vary in 2 sizes: small and big.
    the small one generates 180 BHP on front the wheels only with a 5 speed gearbox and the big one generates 225 BHP on all wheels (quattro) with a 6 speed gearbox.
    The new TT model has a whole other concept…

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