48 thoughts on “BMW M6”

  1. heey ….. cool but here is one thing . it was brand new when i saw it 😉 if u know what i mean 😛 he even still got the covers on the head thing on the front seats 😛 . have a nice day Peace

  2. It looks awesome !! i have never seen a M6 in real life , yet . Driving a car like that is a privilege , it has lots of power , and the special BMW handling !

    @ryan ayash … Yea the Spyker is a really beautiful car , and it is very fast also …

  3. btw , there sould not be “Chrome” around the windows …… i guess he added them , or maybe he ordered them when he bought the car …

  4. hey guys …i have pic of this M6 in my own gallery but not in lebanon !!! i thing inu M6 Aham min l sti wl Evo … 🙂 so be cool guys !! Allah BMW

  5. shabeb roo2o..ma t3ajlo..yemkein mazboooot manna M6..i have a pic for 645 BMW ma feekon tmayzo 3al l M6.typical M6…iza baddkon beb3atlokon yeha w heyye bil emirate

  6. mar7aba shabeb kif 7alkon ana lebneni bas 3ayish bi qatar so baddi sa7i7ilkon ma3lometkon haydeh il cam hiyyeh m6 w 1000000000000000000% cuz kinit shoufa kil youm bi qatar bi manta2a isma al nasser street w sa7iba qatari w bilnisbeh la 7a22a hon bi qatar 7a22a 490,000 riyal ya3ni 134,000$ 3an jad inna sayayra dangerouse w la ma3loumetkon fi kter m6 bi qatar bas haydeh il wa7edeh illi lawna marooni see u guys

  7. ya to2obroune fhamo manna M6 hayde cuz i saw it w ma 7adan ycheri3 ba2a be7yetkoun w bas tob2o tentebho lal tafasil adde tob2o cher3o okayzzz. just compare the front bumper of that one & the M6’s and then argue.. goodluck

  8. lek ya pierre ana shefta sawarta beit barke shi 15 min ta shof iza m6 aw fine kamen ebatlak 10 sowar msawaraande men kel poz shakel iza badak beebatlak yehon bas atine el email tabaak o bfarjik yane don argue with me okey !!?? khalas halaa taamle submit men wara.. Peace

  9. kamen halaa ta elle eno mana m6 o eno saheba mlazaa lal m6 men wara ma fik tsherii mae o terbah sorry …..

  10. hey Georges sorry about that, u’re right cuz i checked the pics i have & it’s the same car & from the same country i think but the rims r different i didn’t notice that so it’s an M6.
    btw here’s my email: darkjackal8@hotmail.com

  11. heheh i told u so hahaha dont worry 😛 we can all be wrong some time its not a big deal…. jalla take care all peace

  12. hahah when i spotted it i was there starring at it for at least 10 miniutes hahahaahaha goddamn its hot but i wish it was black with black rims and with tint widows :S:S:S:S damn its my dream car

  13. i read through the comments….a bit late but some ppl suggested that this is a 645..actually the front bumper, rear bumper, exhaust pipers, rims, and the ventelation grooves behind the front flares suggest that this is an m6

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