21 thoughts on “Tuned Renault and the Tuned Nissan”

  1. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW very nice:D:D
    ma twa2a3et ykoun fi heik siyarat bi lebnen
    BTW edech kalafeto l PRIMERA ???? the engine is tuned ????

  2. no man i was with my friend at ABC and we heard sound of music BASE MA BASE hech 2echwa and the sound was coming from the parking so we got there and we saw this cars they were gr8 there still more i posted them but 3amyekhod wa2et ta yenzal 3al site ehh ken fi Honda wiz Lambo doors a Mercedes a BMW … no man i wish i had one of them

  3. Shant, Welcome to the site. I only received one picture of the interior of a car, did you send more pictures or only this one?

  4. i sended u like chi 5 or 6 pics
    1 honda
    2 BMW
    3 Mercedes
    4 dont know the name 😀
    5 sendoo2 alsiyara kella AMPLIYET
    6 inside of the car bel ness fi woooofer add RASI 😛

  5. wehde Nissan w wehde Renault …… la chou kel hal 3aj2a bel bodykits wel colors etc……, these are “Ricers” …

  6. hey guys , i was searching in the Nissan category , but i didn’t find any picture of the 350Z , why ? and what do you guys think of that car ? (i didn’t know where to post , so i posted in here)

  7. yeah man i lovee the 350z becauzz it’s cheap a 2004 will cost u less than 30.000$ which is gr8 for a 300HP

  8. btw guys , fi kamen l Renault Clio Sport V6 24V, i used to see it in the morning when i go to school, so eza cheftouwa get a pic of it , it is so beautiful and also really fast …

  9. the nissam primera is nice i like it bas el renault ya3ne bel asel maktir b7ebbon bas el loon el paint bel marra beshi3 sry 2 say that ma7adan sheyif shi renault clio willimas be lebnen???

  10. no ya omar the paint is nice:D
    and yes on the site there’s a renault williams u can check it

  11. ive seen this renault from shee 2 yrs . Feeya nitrous, i saw the blue flame comin from the exaust lama kenit iddemna, ti2li3eta mish tabi3iye!

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