20 thoughts on “Aston Marton DB9”

  1. guys i have a question … why there is no forum so we can discuss some car related topics etc…. ? i mean there is an exoleb forum but it is closed :S , any comments ?

  2. @ wissam …. asdak the new (997) GT3 right ? well on a straight line , the GT2 is faster , it has more horsepower , it has more Torque ,it has a slightly better acceleration, and higher top speed then the GT3 . The GT2 has a Flat-6 Turbo charged engine, the GT3 has a Flat-6 naturally aspirated engine . So on a straight line race , the GT2 beats the GT3 .
    And even on a track , i guess the GT2 will beat the GT3 . The 996 GT2 is a tuned 996 Turbo engine in a 996 GT3 chassis. So the GT2 wins over the GT3 .

    and expect the new GT2 to be a more and more powerful then this current GT2. And if this current GT2 can beat the new GT3 , what will the new GT2 do ??? it will be a true beast , believe me .

  3. IMO the owner ken lezim yjiba bi gheir color , maybe dark red (bordeaux), aw black, aw grey ….. l ke7le mech ktir 3atiya 2imeta lal V8 Vantage :S

  4. true….or white ma3 black rims with smoked tailights and black tinted windows..i think kenet a7san bekteer mn this 1..bas anywayz its a nice car

  5. for el khoury and wissam ken fi forum bass maken ktir yesta3mal fa tsakar heik be3te2idd
    yeahh it’s an vantage bass the rear light is the same michen heik bet dayyi3 l fare2 l logo bel db9 fo2 bass bel vantage bel noss mafi ktir difference from the outside

  6. w fi l front bumper byeje gheir bel DB9 , bas overall eh sa7 byechbaho ba3ed ktir …..

    @wissam ….. oh white with black rims ! kenet betkoun bte2toul man , ahsan bi ktir men l ke7le , bas anyway it’s an Aston martin heheh so chou ma kenit betdal awesome …

  7. There was a forum, but it was not very active so I closed it, if the participation keeps getting higher, I might re-open it.

  8. hey guys hole el souwar machi… bass tou2afo 7adda bet7esso bil raw3a..

    Btw EL KHOURY i like this colour it’s nice halla2 holik akid a7la bass hayda ktir 3ajabne.. be2bal fiya hek iza addamoule yeha.. loool. 😛

  9. the colour m2ayaaarr….especially the navy blue shit, it suxx on alll astonss……..Astonss best colour in my opinion is the grey….the grey is the only colour that shows all the small design details of the car….it completes it……..

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