62 thoughts on “Ferrari 612 Scaglietti”

  1. @ H Farhat …….. check the Porsche section , “Rally Du Liban, Porsche Club” ….. and read my last post .

  2. Can someone please chack the “Porsche” section and then check “Rally Du Liban, Porsche Club ” in that section , read my last post ……… why ? because i am sick and tired about lots of people who are bashing the Porsche Boxster while they don’t even deserve a Porsche …… if you don’t agree with me , post there , and i will be glad to reply .

  3. @ khoury
    ya khaye fehmenin khabriyit l BOXTER but this car was made only for the fans of porsche that cant afford a 911 but for me i wont ever buy a boxter because of it performance . if one day i bought one it is only because i want to get a PORSCHE (the NAME not the performance) BUT for me performance is the TOP so i’ll buy a 350z which perform like a CAYMAN S and which is cheap related to porsches ( cayman S around 100.000$$ nissan 350Z 57.000$(with TVA and tesjilll) and the boxter around 65.000$$ )

  4. GUSY ONE CAR CAN EAT ALL THIS CARSS(bmw 350z i hate this car nya2) SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI hgahahahahahahah 😛

  5. HOHOHOHO SHANT wen ba3dak man ????!!!!
    u should not compare the SUBARU STI with the EVO9 cuz u couldn’t it’s a lot of difference between these two vehicules….
    the EVO9 can beat the SUBARU STI when parking, with performance & grip & all that stuff..
    what u should know too, that the EVO9 FQ-400 can beat the LAMBORGHINI MURCIELAGO and don’t argue with me cuz i watched the videos..
    so correct ur infos and don’t sware on ur life if u’re not sure about what u’re sayin’………goodluck

  6. hey guys Pierre i know EVO IX can beat el STi bass enno i love this car man that’ it!!! tab baddak siyara PAGANI ZONDAAAAA ou basss 😛

  7. and pierre i know i believe you man cs u guys got a LOTT of infos on cars and im just a rookie :$ so man i respect you guys and yeah ur right!!!:D

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