7 thoughts on “Ferrari F430”

  1. It’s an awesome RED in the pic u can barely recognise it from the original red butt it realityy it’ss too easyyy u’ll see something flashing in ur eyes

  2. @ GEORGESKHAI………..hey man wen el 20 soura li akhadtoun kelloun??
    hey guys i wanna tell u something eno i was with georges when he took these pics w 7alaba souwar wa2ta lol he’s right because we couldn’t get away from it & we were checking it’s details ohhh woooowww it’s an awesome car… kenna 3a chway sherna kell el lel 7adda bass rje3na chefneha bi monot bi nafes el nhar w ken fi 7adda MODENA w warahoun ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH keno 7add el piazza….

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