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  1. Dude this isn’t a MASERATI GRANSPORT this an ordinary one cuz the GRANSPORT has a side skirt & special rims w bibayin 3laya gher chi tamem.. w el GRANSPORT has a red brakes & some kind of little spoiler… u can feel the difference between an ordinary maserati & and the gransport.

    btw i have some pics that i took of the maserati gransport at abc i gave them to georgeskhai, he should upload them soon. i’ll remind him.
    u should correct the name of the MASERATI GRANDSPORT to MASERATI GRANSPORT…

  2. MR . pierre this is a MASERATI GRAN SPORT
    btw, maserati produces 3 category of cars which are: 3200GT (or coupe) , gran sport and quattroporte and this pic is for the gran sport
    btw i knew from the dealership that every year 7 maserati from each category comes to lebanon and the dealership cant ger more than 7 car / category which means that maserati sold around 21 cars / year

  3. @ GEORGESKHAI…… Man take a good look at the pics i took of the black GRANSPORT MASERATI at abc & i gave u these pics w chouf el fare2 & this a 3200 GT w iza badak foot 3al google 3mol search 3al MASERATI GRANSPORT w chouf.

  4. this is not a gransport…with those pictures the ONLY way you could tell that it is NOT a gransport is by noticing that there is no sideskirt…Pierre mentioned it, gransport also come with a lip spoiler at the back, they only come in carbon fiber but they are optional so as the red calipers, all of those gadgets are…..it is the coupe’ which comes either Gt or cambiocorsa……the coupe is the predecessor of the 3200Gt that was discontinued in 2002……. gransport is a totally newthing, 400 hp and i think its the only with the new skyhook suspension and some other things like carbon fiber interior and more tech. …other cars that might carry the skyhook suspension might be the quattroporte executive or the sport…i have no idea its just my guess…..

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