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  1. WOWWW it is very nice tuned butt if i was the owner and i have this kit i think i should have more than 300HP so anyone know if the owner have upgrade his engine??

  2. i guess it is too much for a 307, i mean he focused a lot on the exterior , i guess he ruined it somehow ….. the exterior modifications on this 307 are too much IMO , i prefer to tune it lightly …

    And i agree with Georgeskhai , haram ykoun kel hal exterior changes ra7o di3an , la2ano bi ra2iye l engine 2ahamma chi , the owner must upgrade the engine power ….. and maybe he had tuned also the engine, donno …

  3. it?Ǭs too much for a car in that size i dont like the air scoop on the roof :S and the ccollor was a litle sad imagine it in green the 7up green it would be verry nice and like u sad i dont think its fast focus on hp man..

  4. @ WISSAM………… man bek chi ???!!! enta 3erif chou ya3ne beetle??
    man kif badda tkoun el beetle 1105 hp w el enigineers 3am bita77lo ta anja2 edro ya3emlo BUGATTI VEYRON V16 1000 hp. eno come on man ma te7ke eddem 7adan a7san ma yed7ako 3lek hayde iza ma de7ko w khallaso.. ma tsaddi2 kell chi bi2ouloulak yeh.. w iza baddak b2ellak eno el kia taba3e malghoume w fiya 2000 hp w moteur rolls royce taba3 el tiyarat w 3ende 4 Turbo… eno betsaddi2???!!!!

  5. @ GEORGESKHAI…… man i don’t think he has a 300 hp engine cuz el moteur taba3a iza 2.0L bikoun around 150 hp so iza metel ma enta 3am t2oul ya3ne he doubled it so ra7 tkallfo add 7a22 el peugeot ya3ne me3na el 7ake… so maybe he added some electonic ships or fatta7la 3yarata or smth like that… and maybe it’s a 1.6L or 2.0L without modifications, it’s morally bad but physically nice, maybe he couldn’t afford to pay for the moral tuning so ktafa bil chakel….

    3a2bel ma ana ysir fiye jib chi AUDI RS4 w be2bal bidoun ma elghema cuz it doesn’t need to, w it’s faster than the M3…

  6. pierre…man c the sweden streets. aktat cars bil 3alam malgoomeen..fi BMW 1205 hp.we7yet rabbi w kello fi pics la 2elo..w meshin l beetle foot 3al cardomain w c that.m3brf iza baa3don 7ateeen soooreta…b3dein golf R32 3amleeeen menna 745 hps w i have a 4 it video.give me ur email 2 send 2 u the video..7ata ma t2ellle inno l pics ma btozhor hal chi ma3 inno fi sowar lal motors tab3eeton betfarjeek ino hal chi mzbt.give me ur email man ..

  7. ya pierre ma32oul ykoun 7atalla chi engine mratab metel taba3 l 350Z ino iza 7ebib yedfa33 masare bi 7otolla 350Z engine

  8. @ WISSAM………
    Ana 3ende KIA w 7atetla 2050 hp ya3ne double el engine taba2 el BUGATTI VEYRON w fiya 32 cylinders 3a chakel Z, 0-100km in 1sec w hayde bala el nitro w iza badak beb3atlak el souwar w iza badak call me ta 7atta ekhdak kazdoura fiya w sam3ak sott el 8 turbos w farjik chou sari3a. Waiting u.

  9. ya sater kil haydoool…iza heik eh dodge tomahawk ma bibayen edemak.hehehhehe…anywayz mish la7 netkhana2 3ashein sha2fet beetle nshalla keino 0.0034 hp walla 10000000hp..bas kil chi ma32ool bil cars..i read that ferrari-maserati dealer in dubai had sold 2200 cars 4 years 2004-2005 while in lebanon they just sold 12 4 3years and the bentley(saa3d w trad) sold 5 bentleys 5 4 2004 and 1 4 2005 and 1 gallardo(ana sawarta 7ad sherket l porsche..u can c it here…bas l mercedes ma be3et kteer 2005 wala 2006 cuz l as3ar nar..(bi amercia S65 2007 costs abt 205000$ ..in leb+100000 =300000$..who will buy it???

  10. hi guys baddi emails 2ahammma members 3ala hal site george piersse etc ok la2an baddi 2e7ki ma3kon bekhsous 2el karting championchip w kif badkon techterkou

  11. @ WISSAM……….lek man enta chou ?? min 7attak ekhtisase bi as3ar el siyyarat??? min allak el S65 costs 205000 $???? 7abibe 7a22a anja2 byousal lal 180000$ ba3den ejre bil MERCEDES. el AUDI S8 a7san bi ktir yemkin abta2 bi chway bass it has more performance & specially more grip cuz it has a 4 wheel drive system w ichya ktir gher….

  12. @ WISSAM……. w ma tensa eno el AUDI S8 doesn’t contain a BITURBO w i don’t know why they didn’t put a BITURBO in this car ma3 enno el AUDI are famous bil TURBOS…nwy el S65 0-100km 4.4 sec, AUDI S8 0-100km 5.1 sec… ya3ne iza 7attoula BITURBO lal AUDI betsir tiyara w there will be no competitor anymore in the same price & the same preformance………..

  13. @ WISSAM…. 3a faw2a nsit ellak kamen eno el S65 6.0L V12 612 HP, but the AUDI S8 has a 5.2L V10 450 HP w ta2riban bi ser3et el S65 so don’t argue man…

  14. @ GEORGESKHAI…… hey dude when r u gonna update all the pics i gave u ?? i’m excited to see them…. u gotta hurry up man….

  15. the S64 AMG costs between $181,500 $168,795 and it is 604 HP so in lebanon this car will cost u twice because the “GOUMROUK” is 100% in this kind of cars
    btw PIERRE gonna add 2 more turbo to his KIA to get more than 3000HP nice pierre hehehehehe lollllllllllllllllllllllllll
    man i’ll try to submit them in the few dayzz

  16. pierre…open ww.drautos.com..mercedes benz…S65AMG c that..ana 3am be7ke ana ta3eet l 2007 mish 2005.l 2005 7akka 160000

  17. @ Wissam ….. The 2006 RS6 is not introduced yet , there is the 2006 S6 . I don’t know when they will introduce the new RS6 .

    Bas haw some specifications of the 2006 Audi S6 :

    V10 engine , 435 bhp , 540 Nm , 0-60mph in 5 seconds , and top pseed of 250Km/h (electronically limited) …

  18. guyzzz tab i dont understand how they put a limit to these cars:@:@
    ino people will pay 180.000$$ for a S65 AMG for speed and otherz will buy a S 500 which can reach 250km/hr for less than 80.000$$ ino these people are paying 100.000$$ MORE to get more power but the ruless will limit the speed to 250km/hr
    and why ferrariz , porsche , maserati , lamborghini and other dont have a speed limit???? i know that these compagnies produces only sports cars but if the RULES had limit the speed for the safety of the drivers i dont think that driving one of these sports car at 250km/hr is more safer than drivin a S65 AMG at the same speed

  19. george 7ak ma3ak..moreover..l M5 and M6 l speed limited at 250 km/hr..u can delimited it but u should pay abt 4000$ 4 the dealer 2 fix it…leh ma nazzaloha heik mn l awwal ????..inno l 545 costs around 80000$ in leb and M5 abt 170000$…nafs l speed bas farek 0-100..bas inno fi farek 90000$..wil AMG kamein heik….

  20. @ EL KHOURY….. U’re totally wrong about the RS6 man cuz the 2004 model has a BITURBO V8 engine with 450 HP and an accelaration 0-100km in just 4.5 sec ya3ne asra3 men el M5 cuz el M5 4.9 sec w akid the 2007 RS6 will be more powerf ull than the 2004 one.

  21. @ GEORGESKHAI………man don’t forget that the germans have an AUTOBAHN (highway in german) without speed limit so the cars they produce are limited to 250 km/h because u know, they have tendance to take their cars to their limit so u will see the germans flying on the highway for like 320 km/h so they thought the 250 km/h is flying but it’s surely better than 320 km/h, except the PORSCHE cars cuz this car is considered as a supercar & the BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES…aren’t supercars except the SLR & the AUDI R8.

  22. @ GEORGESKHAI…….btw man iza 7abib tet2akad men el specification taba3 el S65 go to serious wheels.

    @ WISSAM………look i am talking about the 2007 S65 not the 2004. So t2akad men ma3loumetak.

  23. @pierre..man keef 2004 RS6 asra3 mn l M5..tab iza 2004 4.5 sec sho khalet lal 2007…y3ne betseer 0-100 akal mn 4.2 sec w hayde akeeed chi mosta7eel 2elle iza MTM zabatet l sayara..se3eta kil chi ma32ool

  24. @ Pierre ……. man i wasn’t talking about the 2006 RS6 , as i said the new RS6 is not luanched yet , i’ve put specifications of the 2006 S6 not the RS6 , read well man …..

  25. @ WISSAM………..man chou fahhamak enta?? eno baddak t3allemne 3al siyarat ya3ne?? ma tchere3ne w khsousatan bass koun 3am be7ke 3an el AUDI cuz it’s my best car ever w i know almost everything about it… eno ana w bayye mne3bad chi esmo AUDI w we had renewed 3 AUDIs until now w the 4th one is coming soon.. & i hope i will get an AUDI RS4 eno it’s my best AUDI w kharej 3omre…
    i wanna tell something eno ma tchedd idak ktir bil BMWs cuz el AUDI tar2eta el RS6 asra3 min el M5 w el RS4 asra3 min el M3….& i’m not talking about the acceleration & top speed only & i’m talking about performance & grip, u know in the AUDIs u have a 4 wheels drive & ESP system ya3ne betfout el kou3 160 ma bethezz el siyara cuz jarrabta marra ma3 cousine bil TT & u can ask GEORGESKHAI about that just to be sure…
    2007 AUDI RS4 0-100km in 4.8 sec, 2007 BMW M3 0-100km in 4.9 sec loool man ma byen7aka fiya bass esma tar2eta w what i mean by this eno bi kell chi… JUST DO SOME GOOD RESEARCH….

  26. Hey Guyss i was just watching TOP GEAR & they were trying a car called ARIEL ATOM it looks like a beach buggy bass it has a HONDA TYPE-R engine but has 300 Hp & weight of 500 Kg ohh my god, it has an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.9 sec & it beated the CARRERA GT on the top gear track what means it became the 2nd fastest car on the top gear track after the ENZO FERRARI…….

  27. yeahh pierre is righttt the TT is awesomee u got a very high gripp with AWD and some safety features like ESP,ASC….. (btw all new cars got these safety features)
    i have a 5th GEAR movie where they tried the ARIEL ATOM and it was very fasttt and it costs around 30.000$$$ and got a supercharged type R engine with 300 HP
    btw i prefer the EVO on the AUDIzz because it’s faster but if we where talking about confort hehe the AUDI is better by miles

  28. ?Ǭmetel le3bet el plastic sar shakla araf sry 4 that masare 3l fade bas ken 7at 18 insh rims lamma jeba jdid stock ken a7san

  29. Ahmad jaber ( AJ tuning ) did the body work on this 307, his shop is in beirut tarik saida L adime & the factory is in saida checkout the site ajtuning.com

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