Two Ferrari 360 Modena

Romarc spotted the 2 Modenas in the picture in front of Mounir Restaurant in Broumana.

Ferrari 360 is the name given to three models of Ferrari cars: the Ferrari 360 Modena, an enclosed two-door coupe; the Ferrari 360 Spider, a two-door convertible; and the Ferrari Challenge Stradale, the bare-bones version of the 360 Modena. The Ferrari 360 Modena has a 3.6 litre V8 engine producing over 300 kW (400bhp) of power and accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 4.3 secs. All have eight-cylinder engines and aluminum chassis.

12 thoughts on “Two Ferrari 360 Modena”

  1. awesome picc it’s very nice too see 2 exotics near each otherzz
    btw the Ferrari Challenge Stradale got 25HP more than the other versions and got less things and less weight but u have to add around 30.000$ more
    btw this modena can go to 100 in 4.1sec

  2. yeah i knoww
    more carbon fiberr less confort things in the F40 & F50 we don’t have electric window and in the F40 we dont have “maskit beb, lollll ma7tout chrit ta tched l beb lollll”

  3. ^^The F40 is one of the most Hardcore Supercars ever made IMO , it is one of my favorite Ferrari’s ………. Also take the BMW e46 M3 CSL, it is lighter than the normal M3 because it has some carbon fiber parts and less things yet it is more expensive than the standard M3 , due to it’s carbon fiber parts (they are expensive and very light and they offer more safety than metal) using carbon fiber not only reduces the overall weight of the car ,but also allows even higher speeds in bends particularly through the use of this lightweight material at the extreme ends of the car, also there is a minor increase in the power of the CSL . The CSL is more ” sports , race ” focused than the standard M3 .
    It’s the same thing with the Ferrari Challenge stradale that ” georgeskhai ” mentioned before , the Ferrari CS gives the drivers the performance and feel of a true racing car for road use , it is much lighter than a standard 360 with a little bit more power

    Anyway , nice Ferraris …….

  4. Donno, if georges remembers but when we had the exoleb meating we discussed the Carbon Fiber in the M3s a lot with Tarek (advantages desavantages)

  5. < M3 post Tarek tuned his car to look like the M3 CSL, we discussed that the CSL is lighter then the normal M3 but that in Lebanon it wasn't a very good Idea to own it, first of all coz of the suspension ba3dena there is no equipments in it so the best idea was to do like Tarek did (Normal M3 with some CSL parts - carbon Fibre) so you get a light M3 with equipements.

  6. yeah elie is right because the CSL has a sport suspension that will give u a nice performance if u where on a race track or road without bumps “tabet” “jouwar” so btw the CSL dont have a radio and like i remenber neither a AC lollll
    and when we where with tarek in his M3(CSL suspension) the carr were bumping a lott because of the road if u want download the video and u can see

  7. I guess your friend ” Tarek ” made the best desicion by modifying a standard M3 instead of having a CSL (though it is a wonderful car) but i don’t think anyone can drive his car in summer without an AC right ? (the AC is optional in the CSL , the cockpit of the CSL reflects the pure standard of Motorsport , i mean even the Radio is optional !! lol ).. it is not practical IMO , ” Tarek ” made the perfect thing IMO , i was checking the BMW section in Exoleb and i found his car , it is amazing .. a Light M3 with the essential equipments is Superb !

  8. @ georgeskhai ……… yea i saw the video (in the BMW section ) , i am a BMW lover since i was a little kid , i mean that M3 is my dream car lol! yea the CSL has a wider front track and a modified suspension (such as a specially made springs and dampers as well as the car?ǨѢs newly aligned steering for supreme, cutting-edge handling, to provide for you a great handling and also to give you a great driving performance that you can find only in the racing cars ……..a really wonderful performance car . w ma3ak 7a2 it is very harsh 3al “mtabbet ” ….. w khassatan 3enna bi lebnen 2a7la roads 3enna lo0l

  9. btw , i know i am not a regular member in this website , but i just wanted to thank ” elie ” for putting some infos and specs about the cars that were spotted ….

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