8 thoughts on “BMW M5”

  1. WAW ! what an awesome car ! i love the e39 M5 , one of the best M5’s ever ! That owner Got taste in cars specially if he also owns an M3 , what a collection ! that’s my dream collection . the best sports coupe , the best sports sedan . Simply Perfect.

  2. not the best sports sedan but one of the best:P
    we have the A6 , E class , S type
    btw, the new S type is AWESOME i think it is a concept donno i saw it on ab-moteurs w ma la7a2et esma3 mni77

  3. @ gerogeskhai …… in my opinion, the BMW M5 is the ultimate Sedan , or sports sedan if you want. I don’t care if the S65 AMG is faster or the RS6 bla bla bla , the M5 has everything a man needs , Power , beauty , comfort , space , great handling, RWD drive type which is BMW is very famous of !…….. Even this e39 , it is perfect IMO , it’s design is also perfect , and the new M5 is one hell of a car !

  4. Are u sure that its a real M5 ?

    I remember, that only the normal 5 series have the chrome thing at the trunk..

    What do u think ?

  5. Everything proove that it’s an M5 , the rear bumper , the small rear wing , the exhaust pipes , the mirrors , even the black plastics on the 2 sides of the rear bumper (i guess the sensors are located there)……. It is an M5

    And about the chrome thing at the trunk, anyone can put it , i mean it is not even standard on the 5 series not on the M5 , but you can put it just to add some looks for the rear ….

  6. @ GEORGESKHAI….. hey man leh ma 7atet el pics taba3 el RS6 li chefta bil abc?? did i give the pics ??

  7. ya ma7mood ya sa7bi…walla M5 …w ana sheyef l engine..M power ..bytheway guyz this car was the fastest sedan in the world for years 1999-2000..

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