7 thoughts on “Ferrari 550 Barchetta”

  1. IT’s awesomee but the super america is better
    and the original maranello is better looking than this cabrio

  2. Nah , the 550/575 Maranello looks Much much better than this one . Also i like it in Silver , that color doesn’t suit it IMO .

  3. @georgeskhai ……… yea you have a good point , the sports cars are better in flashy colors (yellow, red , etc…..) but i prefer the Maranello in Silver , i don’t like it in red , i don’t know why :S …… there is nothing better than a red Ferrari , i know that , Ferrari’s are meant to be red and yellow etc….., but i don’t like the red on this car . Maybe because the Maranello is more classy than other Ferrari’s , and to have a classy car you can’t have it in a flashy color u know ? This car is definetly sporty , but also classy , unlike the 360 , the F355 , the F430 etc that are sporty cars…… i don’t know if you got my point of view. But of course i would love to own it , even if it was in purple ! 😀

  4. Mahmoud fi yfidak aktar ya wissam , he spotted it so lezim ykoun chefa men wara matra7 ma betkoun l nb plate .

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