7 thoughts on “BMW M3”

  1. btw , yesterday i saw it and we where near the balcony (jeita) w ken fi 10 tuned cars with lambo doors (but ma la7a2et sawir coz baye ken 3am bisou2) bass l BMW khaffaf l meche 7adoun bass ma wa2af

  2. I’ve seen one red M3 @ bourj hammoud..betdall honik…i think the owner is living there…

  3. I don’t know what is so damn special about the M3’s , is it just me or is the M3 near perfection ?!
    I mean i combines beauty , comfort , power , speed , handling , FUN , classy , aggressive looks , sexy ……. what anyone would want more in a sports coupe ?!

  4. Ah eh ma3ak ya georges hehe , we can also add luxury ….. So it combines all these things , that makes it close to perfection in it’s category …..

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