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  1. Guys this car is a 911 turbo cab with a body kit….the GT3 didn’t come in a cab version……correct me if i am wrong……..

  2. u’re right man..this ain’t a GT3…
    @ ELIE…plz man correct the name…this is a normal carrera 4 S..i’ve never said it’s a GT3 :S

  3. Pierre are u sure this is a 4s because the 4s does not have air opening behind the doors but the turbo does…..but i might be just the body kit and the openings are just for show…..

  4. la2 pierre the Targa hye7 el conv yalle7 byenchell a part of sa2fa (hard top… like the old GTS versions on ferraris) it was made on the first carrera ta t2edirr tfout 3a el usa la anno they have high safety laws…….. w halla2 ba3ed fy targa w conv bas min el 95 model el targa sarit teje sa2eff glass by fout by el sandoun…………soo el targa gyrr el conv…..:D

  5. Pierre el kit yalleh 3alla heyde7 el carrera is made by RUF tuning???? (they are the biggest tuners of porche in the world)……

  6. The Porsche targa is simply a 911 with a glass roof …

    @elio aziz …. i don’t think this is made by RUF , well at least i have never seen such design(bodykit) by RUF … and thoss air vents behind the doors didn’t come stock on this car , they are added on it , it may be a custom exterior modification or something , no big deal……..

  7. @khoury the old targa’s before the year 95 came with a removable roof and the new one came with glass roofs….. and it was made to enter the states in the 70’s because of the safety regulations… hence the name TARGA for tthe TARGO FLORIO race in the us witch porche used to win back then…….

  8. @elio aziz ……. yea i know that . i was just reffering to the new Targa’s , they have a roof of glass , but to be honest , i prefer the old “Targa’s” those with the removable roof , they were just awesome !!!

  9. @Khoury up i now they where so much more practical then the cabrio’s (in the winter) and they looked good but they disapered and GTS from ferrari 2

  10. btw pierre u havn’t corrected the names on any of the cars…………………still waiting…………………

  11. LOLLL w chou khasso pierre:S ??? lezim elie yzabetoun lal 2aseme w hayde l soura ana samayta GT3 lolll coz ana 3meltelloun submit

  12. @ ELIO…as GEORGES said ana ma khassne it’s ELIE’s business…
    btw this isn’t made by RUF…
    nwy did u see the CAYMAN tuned by RUF?? it’s called RUF CTR 3 & it has a 3.8L V6 twinturbo charged engine with 700 HP & it goes from 0-100km in just 3.2 sec & has a top speed of 378 km/h…woooww it’s a lot for a V6 engine..

  13. Yea i saw that RUF Cayman , damn impressive power and performance figures , it has a Flat-6 engine not a V6 by the way …. anyway it’s extremely nice.

    btw , i read that Georgeskhai took some pics of the new GT3 (in the other section), post them as soon as possible bro !!! it is one of my favorite cars , if not my favorite lol!!!

  14. btw Guys i met a friend of the owner of this car…….this is a carrera 4S tuned by gumbella the engine has 2 turbos added to it and whole body is mofified…………..we solved the delema 😛 heheh yalla waiting on the next one…..:-P

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