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  1. I love that car bcz it still nice looking and it’s cheep ino it’s but bit old but it’s a ferrari

  2. Sry about the writing hehe so i was saying that: “it’s a bite old but we dont have 2 forget that it got an awesome sound ITS FERRARIZ thinking

  3. It’s a gr8 car and it is cheap for a ferrari….but this one is a GTS and not a berlinetta it has a removable top (the black one) and the 355 is the last one to offer this option the 360 didn’t………

  4. @ Laurent ……. what do you mean by saying “the first high performance ferrari ever made” ?

  5. hehe I have to improve my english lol.
    I wanted to say Ferrari began to sell a lot of cars thanks to this model.
    It was a real success for Ferrari. Moreover it’s a real race car !

  6. @Laurent ….hehe i was just surprised , i thought that you didn’t know about all the previous Supercars and sports cars made by Ferrari …..

    Anyway , yea it was a success for Ferrari , it was an evolution of the 348 , and then the 360 replaced this 355 and now we have the F430 , it is like a circle that it still going , and still very successful . It is a very cool car , personally i love it !

  7. I love the F355 too !
    But sometimes I don’t know if I prefer the F430 or the gallardo.

    You know to be rich is not so simple ! 🙂

  8. well i have never been THAT RICH so i don’t know if it is simple or not 😀 ….. but i would take the F430 over the Gallardo , i think the overall package of the F430 is superior to the Gallardo’s , performance wise the F430 is better , i prefer RWD over AWD by the way , and judging on looks , the both looks really good and very exotic , anyway Ferrari for me when it comes to choose between and F430 and a Gallardo …… BUT i would be more than happy with either one 😀

  9. Ahah you’ve already made your choice.
    Personnaly I’ll maybe choose the lambo. because in yellow the gallardo is awesome.
    Anyway the F430 or the gallardo have to be driven with automatic gearbox

  10. Actually they can be occupied with a 6 speed manual gearbox also , so it’s either the manual gearbox or with the F1 paddle shift …… some people still like the old manual gearbox , they like to change gears while stepping on the clutch and then engage the proper gear , and some other like the new technology . It seems that you like the new technology of transmissions (the paddle shifts , some call it SMG , or DSG etc …) ….

  11. I like the new technology 🙂
    Before I liked rather the manual gearbox but since my brother bought a GTi dsg I changed my mind.
    But some cars have to get a manual gearbox. I think about the Porsches. The tiptronic is not very good in fact and a porsche is not like other exotics. What about you ?

  12. Well first of all , i would like to point out that Porsche’s Tipronic system is one of the most advanced Tiptronic (automatic) systems in the automotive world , actually the new 911 Turbo tiptronic is faster from 0-100km/h than the manual 911 turbo , 3.7s for the Tiptronic and 3.9s for the manual , but of course the manual is more Fun and more precise IMO ……

    When it comes to the new SMG transmission , i really like it , it think it is the future , let’s face it , all the race cars now (from the Formula one , to LeMans , to DTM etc … ) use this new technology , you can shift extremely fast , definetly faster than the Manual gearbox , i think it is very impressive .

    I definetly prefer SMG over Tiptronic , SMG is more precise , and you can controle the revvs , and it doesn’t shift until you shift , unlike the Tiptronic that kinda weak compared to SMG and Manual , in the tiptronic system , when the revvs touch a certain level , it will shift automaticly , i don’t like that .

    Finally , you said that Porsche is not like the other exotics , but for me Porsche is the untouchable car , it is my favorite car ad will always be , it is the symbol of Perfection , i would take a GT3 or a Turbo over any new Ferrari or Gallardo .

  13. You are impassioned. That’s cool
    I agree with you about what you explain.
    BUT when I said that Porsche is not like other exotics that’s to say these cars are untouchable 😉

    And you’re very smart because for the new Turbo tiptro you’re right ! I forget this point because I thought about the boxster’s and the 911’s titronic system.
    Seriously I like very much Porsche and to prove that I’ve already been in germany (in stuttgart) especially to visit the Porsche showroom.

  14. wowwwww nice discussion

    ok el khoury is right about the porsches (that the tiptronic is faster than the manual gearbox , i think i saw it on “V6” i don’t really remenber.
    btw , the SMG or DSG is like selespeed of the alfa ??? ino like the formula 1 .
    btw i’ve spotted a GT3 in lebanon 2 week before that http://www.seriouswheels.com put it on their site LOLLL , i took a lot of pictures so i’ll submit them as soon as possible
    btw, i prefer the F 430 over any car and specially after that i watched TOP GEAR when they tried the F430 , FORD GT and the pagani zonda and they said that the F430 is the best (the FORD GT stayed in the gas station hehe and i was surprised when i knew that the ZONDA don’t have a TRACTION CONTROL system:s)
    moreover, when the GALLARDO was launched all tiff needel and jeremy clarson prefered the MODENA and the F430 is way better than the modena so i’ll take the F430

  15. btw i used to hate the porsches but after the launch of the carrera GT some modified porches that comes with a rear spoiler that gives the car an agressive look like the GT2 , GT3 PORSCHA prooved that she can compete with ferrari, lamborghini and others…

  16. hi georges
    when I talk about the gallardo or the F430 I don’t just see the specifications…

    The Porsche 911 is a mythic car ! (even the C2)

    but mister khoury is a real car dealer ! 🙂
    he talks about dsg, tiptronic, smg … like if he had already tested all these gearbox systems ^^

  17. so if u were talking about the specifications the F430 is better , about the design for me they are equal or a small advantage to the gallardo and her doors.
    hehe ur right laurent i think el khoury is the new tiff needel:P

  18. First of all i want to THANK you guys (laurent , georgeskhai) for what you’ve just said about me and my knowledge and car knowledge in specific, i really appreciate it.

    @Laurent …. For one , you are so damn lucky to visit the Porsche showroom in Stuttgart , i would love to visit it someday 😀 , mainly because of my love towards Porsche in general and towards it’s very rich history …

    Secondly, i once drove the e46 M3 that my bro’s friend has , it has the SMG transmission , and i found it really impressive and so cool , it is the solution between the proper manual gearbox and the Tiptronic(automatic) gearbox , it shifts really fast and it is smooth , personally i liked it .

    I also drive our family’s cars (they are all BMW but with Tiptronic transmissions) , well to be honest i hate it when the RPM reach a certain limit and shifts by itself , but after a while you will know when to shift by yourself and on what RPM , but still i don’t think it is as responsive as the Manual or SMG gearbox ….

    But anyway i am still 18 years old (yesterday ,21 may, was my birthday 😀 ) , so i don’t think i am very experienced yet when it comes to testing and analyzing , but i do my best lo0l …

    @ georgeskhai …… hahah thx for the compliment , but i think i’m toooo far to be the next Tiff Needel 😛 , but i have a big respect to this man , Tiff Needel > Jeremy Clarkson anytime IMO …

  19. @laurent ….Oh i forget one thing , i really like the new GTI that your brother bought , it is very nice , and i heard that the new GTI occupied with the DSG (like the one that you bro has) is faster than the one with a Manual gearbox , not only i heard that but i also saw some videos and some tests that proove it , nice car anyway .

    so you are 18 now … congratulations !
    about the new gti dsg I’ve already seen some videos on youtube and I found these impressive.
    but unfortunately of fortunately I don’t know, in France there are a lot of speed radars everywhere so I wonder the interest to buy an expensive car..

    But… do you have your driver’s license ?? 🙂

  21. @Laurent ……. thanks bro 😉

    And no i don’t have a driving license , but i started to drive and take our cars for rides since i was 15 , so it has been 3 years now that i drive , of course on public roads and highways not only streets….. Now that i am 18 , i am able to finally go get my driving license , and if i pass my official exams and graduate to college i will get my first car !!! i can’t wait ….

    btw , i didn’t know that you are French , i thought you were lebanese , or are u a lebanese living in France ?! :S …

  22. lol! is there a good and a bad answer ?! 😉
    In fact I was born in France so i’m french but also lebanese ^^
    I’ve 2 nationalities. Of course if i was only french i won’t visit exoleb 50 times a day 🙂

    But if i briefly sum up your life.. you drive since 3 years without any license ! ahah

  23. aha , so you have both nationalities , french and lebanese . Nice .

    hehe that’s right , i’ve been driving for 3 years without a driving license , and i enjoyed it 😀 …..

  24. Yeah that’s right i’ve both nationalities.
    but you seem to know a lot of things about cars and that’s cool

    you’re not afraid to drive without license lol…
    i couldn’t do the same thing here

  25. Well i love everything that has an engine , i love cars ,i love Motorbikes , i love planes ….. i like to learn more about them .

    And about the license thing , well this is Lebanon 😀 , you can do whatever you want in here 😛 , but i can’t go to wherever i want because of the “road blocks” (you know , the army or the Police , “7awejiz” ) ……

  26. lol don’t worry i watch TV so i know about these “road blocks”. And you’re right “this is lebanon” ahah
    and do you know what could happen to you if a policeman ask your license ?! …

    In fact when i discovered exoleb i didn’t know there were some guys of my age… and you follow the cars topicality on the internet or you buy some magazines ?!..
    I don’t know if you have already seen some of my pictures spotted where i live.. you can check my name if you want

  27. I just clicked on your name , and OH MY GOD !!! these cars are fucking amazing man !! did you take all these pictures of these beauties ?!
    Really wonderful cars you got there , every single one of them , i saw also the Carrera GT in the Porsche showroom in Stuttgart that you visited , wow ! that M5 is also an amazing sports sedan (by the way , i am also a BMW nut hehe , not only Porsche’s) keep it up bro ….

    I follow the cars topicality basicly on the internet ,i am a member of 2 car forums (1 international , and 1 lebanese) ,i also watch some shows on TV to learn more about them , i only once bought a car magazine and it was full of reviews about Porsche hehe ….. also the real life teaches u alot about cars , i mean driving them and testing them and ‘feeling’ them if you want is much more educational and much more fun than reading or watching on TV , you and i are still young , don’t worry we will be able to test drive lots of nice cars in the future …….

  28. I hope so.
    so you have appreciated my pictures ! that’s cool thank you
    yes it’s some of My best pictures.
    and you like the photo of the blue M5?! yes i have to say that’s one of my favorites. In this time i was very lucky because i was in my garden and then i heard the v10 passing by so i ran and i don’t know how i’ve taken this picture lol

  29. you’re welcome , they are super cool pictures.

    I’m glad that you ran and took some pics of that M5 lol , it’s a really nice car……

  30. 1st of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY “el khoury”
    2nd laurent that’s lebanon , if u have a small “WASTA” u can drive without license hehe.
    btw the 1.6 GOLF comes with DSG gearbox and the FIAT punto hehe that’s interesting:D

    btw , laurent i just wisit ur site and it’s nice and i loved the TVR coz i never spotted that car in lebanon and i think no one will buy such a car because it’s a bit cheap and of the lake of maintenance in lebanon (ino if the car got into trobble no one will knew how to fix it) and the TVR comes without ABS hehe

  31. Thanks Georgeskhai !

    And yes , i also have never seen a TVR here in Lebanon , though i really Love the TVR Sagaris , it is one hell of a Wild car ! It has no electronics to back you up if you srcewed , or any safety system , it is just plain and simple , it is just you and that Beast lol!

  32. the TVR is made like the F40 (engine,chassis,seats no luxury no extra weight NOTHING) just the minimum requirement to go faster and faster

  33. ahah “wasta”
    yes my father told me about the “lebanese driving license”
    that’s interesting 🙂

    yes the tvr is very beautiful but you’re right the driver have to be good 😉 just skill

    but georges what you said about the maintenance is the same thing for lotus (i think there isn’t a lotus car dealer in lebanon) however joseph spotted a lotus.. so impossible is nothing 🙂

    and if you want to know what cars i can find in my city, check my name 😉

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