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  1. 5 yrs ago i went into one of thoses lotus and it’s like getting into a karting car hehe

  2. awesome car….wooowww…i’ve never thought we will see a lotus exige in lebanon…very nicee car..i like the performance it gives & the acceleration of 4 sec…nice spot JOSEPH..

  3. I like this lotus ELISE but not really the color
    and georges you’re right it’s very fun to drive, like a karting but it’s quite expensive for a rustic car

  4. Guy i hate to be the boume7 again……but Laurent is right this is a lotus elise the exige is a closed top car with a air vent in the middle of it….but this one is a gr8 car to drive and as all the big car shows say it has the best chassie in the market and the 111s version is very fast with only 1,8l engine (like the one of the celica GT)…but this one is ok 2………..

  5. lol elio you’re good! the exige has an hardtop and we can’t remove it. Now we’ll play to the riddles. get ready ! Exige or Elise ? 🙂

    but this lotus hasn’t a lebanese number plate. How the strangers do to bring their cars on the lebanese land ? by plane? by boat ?
    I wonder this because we can see a lot of foreign supercars on exoleb.

  6. Thx Laurent but this exige has a removable top but the old one didn’t :P… but these cars come by land driven or by truck and the expencive ones by plane….

  7. Laurent i have to say again that this is an ELISE because the Exige has a low front spoiler and the opening on the roof i visual even if the top is off and it has a high cover on the engine that I can’t see here….so i have to say this is an elise and the normal one not 111s……..what do u thing Laurent

  8. hey guys there is a lot of types of exige and the regular exige got the same front bumper of that car( a small CHAFRA but from that angle ma bet bayyin) but the exige got a air intake on the roof but this is a convertible version so they can’t put an air intake (aslan guys the exige is a special edition of the elise) so it will be an ELISE if the manufacturer don’t produce a convertible version of the EXIGE

  9. Khoury and Georges ur both right and this is what ia was trying to say for the past 2 days this is an ELISE…………………..

  10. Hey guyss..i made some research & i found out that this one is a LOTUS ELISE S & not an EXIGE..hehe aslan bidayy3o chway…btw this ELISE S got an acceleration of 5.8sec & a top speed of 205 km/h…but the EXIGE has an acceleration of 4.9 sec & top speed of 236 km/h…& u can differ them from the front bumper…& from the back but here we couldn’t see the back…

  11. eh men el EXIGE hiye7 the ultimate version min ELISE they do it in order to participate in the GT races with it bye3amall menna versionet GT3,2,1 w el 1 heye7 a2wa chyyy……………

  12. @ ZO…hey man this ain’t an exotic car but it’s a very beautiful car to spot & more beautiful to drive..

  13. @ Zo …. IMO this is an Exotic car , at least in Lebanon . Do you see everyday a Lotus Elise/Exige ? i don’t think so . In Lebanon , you see Ferrari’s , Lamborghini’s and Porsche’s more than you see a Lotus Elise/Exige , so this car is rarer than a Ferrari here in Lebanon …..

    Anyway , i really like this car , it is one of the best sports cars in the world , it has an excellent handling ……

  14. el Honda S2000 its rarer than all ferraris in lebanon and the lotuses! and u didnt want me to submitt the pictures and elie refused them..w its a very sexy car..w its faster than the lotus..! its 5.3 SECONDS.tc

  15. @ Zo …. everyday i see an S2000 , it is definetly not rarer than both Lotus and Ferrari.

  16. hehe mabada hal2ad ya chabeb bass the LOTUS is the car where all drivers learned how to take a car to it’s limit

  17. as far as i know fee a silver S2000 and a black 1 and a blue 1 .. thats what i know..so if u see 1 everyday picture it for me thanks

  18. I don’t see the reason why They didn’t allow u to submit the S2000 pictures , i mean the Honda section in here only have the NSX , i think it would be nice to put the S2000 also in this section , it is a very nice car no doubt …..

    by the way , i guess i see the same S2000’s everyday heheh , there is a black one next to HOODOOM elissar , very nice one , also i used to see a silver one ….. anyway , it would be nice to add it to the Honda section IMO.

  19. yeah man your right.. the honda is faster than the TT and the Lotus so why shouldn’t we put it? its a very sexy car to me and its very fast also..so iza baddo y7oton elie it would be great w iza mabado it would be fine too..though it should be in the Honda section..yalla shabeb menshoofkon..layko tetla3o 3a trablus??:P

  20. lek kamen El Khoury man if u can picture the Black S2000 and send me the picture it would be great .. i’d really appreciate it because i like the car alot and i want some pictures for it ( lebanese ) and i have several pictures for a silver S2000 bi Shere3 Australia( Rawcheh ) w the owner of that car is old..even though he drives it really hard:p

  21. @ Zo ….. hey man , yea i will try to take some pictures of the black S2000 for you .

  22. yeah laurent i have about 4 pictures for a silver S2000( REALLY NICE ) bass elie doesnt want them on the site..bass its a very very nice car w it has 1 of the best sounds!.. take care all

  23. tab guys l S2000 ktir 7elwe lyom chefet we7de black w btw ana cheyif 3 S 2000 yalle 3adoun ZO
    bass ya chabeb eza badna n7ot l S2000 ya3ne men7ot l 350z , evo , sti , boxter so bi battil exotics CARS btw, the LOTUS isn’t a EXOTIC bass it’s rare and made to race

  24. @ georges hey man the cars that u said are sports cars w mennon exotics i know that bass inno theres an Audi TT 3al site w theres a lotus elise inno why shouldnt there be a S2000..even though el S2K asra3 mennon kilon.. w its sexy w rare .. w u wouldnt see it everyday.. w it has 1 of the amazing soundssssss! w its very fun 2 drive w its also made for racing..

  25. That’s right that car is not really an exotic car but on exoleb there are some tuned cars…
    Of course I undestand because it’s not like a Ferrari or a Koenigsegg but I really like this car. Something I can’t explain 🙂

  26. mafi audi TT la7ala fi 3 audi TT 7ad ba3ed w custom one
    w custom 350z
    so wa2ta ysir fi chi custom laww chou maken byen7at

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