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  1. hey RAFIC i got ur point and i know that all cars can be tuned but what i just came to say is that we see a lot of tuned 350z in lebanon (dont u think that im right ?? how many tuned TT have u seen in lebanon ?? or S2000 ?? NONE
    however there’s a lot of tuned 350Z isn’t it ??
    and unfortunately we dont have new skylines in lebanon:S but in japan a lot of skylines are tuned and they call it ” the japanese FERRARI”

  2. hehe ZO khallas everyone has his own opinion ๐Ÿ˜€ no for u the “Z” is awesome and for rafic the M3 is better and for me both are awesome but i prefer the 2 seaters 350z ๐Ÿ˜€
    this is the conclusion hehe but before RAFIC must answer my questions in post # 51 ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. @Zo … hey man , again it is all about your personal opinion , personally if i can afford an e46 M3 i would never think of buying an another car ….

    @georgeskhai …. yea i know a few Tuned 350Z (S/C) , so powerful cars , so much Torque ! But i guess Rafic wouldn’t trade his M3 for a Z , even if it was a S/C Z with so much power and Torque ……

  4. akid man no one will trade his car specialy if there got the same performance and he wont ever do that because if he tought about the “Z” he ‘ll probably buy one hehe and it’s a M3 tuned and don’t forget the M3 is 4 seaters (other category)

  5. hey guyz!i had fun readin some comments u’ve written.So as u seem opened to cars world im gonna ask for ur advice hoping u’ll help me: do u advise me to buy the Eclipse 98?whats ur opinion abt it? thx

  6. @ ECLIPSE…hey man as long as it is a Japanese car u can buy it because as u know the Mitsubishi cars & almost all kind of japanese cars doesn’t have mechanical problems as the german or the american cars…because these cars aren’t so complicated…
    nwy if u’re gonna buy the Sport version of the ECLIPSE u gotta check the engine & the interior…aslan mafi menna ktir bi lebnen..we got a red ordinary one here in Mansourieh….but it’s a very nice car to tune..

  7. @ ECLIPSE….btw i asked about one black ordinary ECLIPSE last year it was around 11000$..enta 2adde chefta??

  8. hey man i think that u’d better buy a 325 body boy or 325 yr 1999 but the problem of these cars is mechanical eno a 1998 model is 9 yrs old so it’s hard to find a good one specialy if it’s a sports car and more specialy if it’s a BMW

  9. @ Pierre..ya ur right these cars aren?ข‚วจ‚ัขt so complicated, i can tell by looking at wuts under the hood.the final price affered was 11 000$. bas mesh lezim tkoun sarit arkhas?

    @ georgeskhai, i totaly agree with you+ i wanna change from germany to something else cz i already have a mercedes.thx anwy

  10. Now that Rafic is in LR, I’d like to say now that he got beaten by a supercharged 350Z …

    So shu keef ken hal jadal el bizanteh now ?:P

  11. The M3 looks way better than any Japanese or chinese car…you don’t compare the german cars with asian cars….

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