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  1. Guys I received this by mail from a user, he might not have posted coz he didn’t want to say his name, I asked him for pics but I still didn’t receive any reply.

    hey i just wanted to post a comment about the “enzo” well heres the brutal truth actually its a Trans-am modified in every way to look like an enzo and i got the pictures to prove it i even took pictures of me standing next to it with my cell phone the engine is at front a simple american engine the interior needed alot of work i even took a short vid. the engine at the back is the trunk modified to look like the engine block is at the back. thx but hey u cant complain whoever did it outside leb is a great mechanic/modifier

  2. thats a very nice JOKE..this is an enzo in everyway even the simple logos are Ferrari and the engine and the INTERIOR + the exterior

  3. The best way to be 100% sure is to look for the badge inside that says which number out of 399 this car is. That cant be faked. But im not sure where exactly that is located inside the car. It might not be visible from outside.

  4. hey guyss what ELIE said was right!!! but it’s not about this car!!! ELIE u’re wrong!! el car li 3am te7ke 3anna mazbouta bass mech hayde hiyye!! this one is a real ENZO w haydik is an American car as u said & it’s been spotted a lot of times near the Beirut Hall!!! btw it was posted in http://www.lebanonracing.com
    but this one is a real ENZO man!! wad7a w 2ad ma ken chatir el Mechanical mafi y2allid ENZO eno come on!! 2illa ma tbayyin 7atta bil pics!!

  5. yalli 2al 2ennou haidi mouch enzo bi kommet 2el zake2 la2an tole3 ma3ou 2ennou haidi mouch enzo sherket 2el ferrari w dakhamta 2eja we7ed lebneni 3mele enzo men trans am la2 shater this is 100% real ferrari enzo

  6. 10x RALF about the link & it’s obvious that it’s not an ENZO looooool…mni7a menno la sa7eba bass eno neze3a lal muscle car taba3o!! w ba3den iza el 7mar chefa bya3rif eno that’s not a carbon fibre body even if he was 100 km away from it!! lool

  7. i was talking to a guy named Mohammad Al Raai and he owns a Ferrari 360 Spider, he told me that the enzo for sale so he talked with the government and he said that he will pay up to 500000$ bass ma2eblo they wanted 700000$! so 2alon 7elo 3anneh enno mentek e5ta el seyara so baleha..bass he told me inno baddo ysefer 3ala Sweden w 7zaro shu baddo yjeeb!??? baddo yjeeb Koenigsegg CCX..Mohammad owns a Medicine Company+ he is a doctor..tc guys

  8. How dumb he is!its a fucking enzo!he can get it for 700000 n sell it the next day for 2 million dollars!if i were him or my dad i wouldve bought it!im gona ask my dad if he’s interested…

  9. Well i saw it at the cutoms area n i couldnt see anything fucked up about it or couldnt be fixed!afterall its an enzo not a 350z(no offense cz i have a 350z n i know that its 1 of the bets cars)…..

  10. If i were to choose between a fucked up enzo and any other car i would go for the enzo(its a limited edition car afterall n people die to get such a car n for 30 000$ over the 700 000$ it will be back to new)

  11. there is one enzo in lebanon and this one is for the ONLY ABU AYASH taba3 bank el madina. sara7a the govt has no right to seize his property and sell it.

    fuck politics in lebanon and this car’s home is Abu ayash’s garage ONLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY………

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