27 thoughts on “Porsche 911 – 997”

  1. hey very nice car!!! take care of it GEORGES w 2alla ye7mik w ye7miya men el darbet!!!
    btw i saw a 911 TARGA with an orange color with a panoramic or black roof!! i didn’t make sure if the roof is black or panoramic! but what i know that it has a sound like an airplane the last i heard it at piste warde!!! oh my godd what a sound!!

  2. yoo ur car is nice hehe akid bas ana bedde hannik 3l pics ur quiet a photographer lol yalla keep on barke betjib we7de a7la menna:P

  3. hi shabeb baddi 2oul inno l porsche ba3da my dream car 7atta wa law 3ende mazda rx7 bas yikhzel3eyn smallah smallah great car buddy allah ywaffe2 yallah t c byebye

  4. george niyelak 3ala hal car badda kharze zar2a it’s awesome its the most luxury super car i have ever see w baddi 2es2al the owner of this site fini 7ot 2el pics taba3oun siyarti i have nissan 350Z 2004 fini 7otta 3ala 2el site

  5. A big thanks for all of you out there! I’m really glad you like my car as well as my photography skills 🙂
    Georges, I’ll make sure to provide you with the very first pics of the F.

  6. mabrook Georeges man, the F430 is 1 hell of a car..better than super cars!! take care of it man..smalla!:D just 1 question! Where is the ferrari dealer here in leb? and what’s his phone number?

  7. hey GEORGES r u talking about the dealer that is near sou2 el a7ad? cuz i went there few weeks ago & i took some pics of an F430 that was parked there..

  8. i was talking to a guy named Mohammad Al Raai and he owns a Ferrari 360 Spider, he told me that the enzo for sale so he talked with the government and he said that he will pay up to 500000$ bass ma2eblo they wanted 700000$! so 2alon 7elo 3anneh enno mentek e5ta el seyara so baleha..bass he told me inno baddo ysefer 3ala Sweden w 7zaro shu baddo yjeeb!??? baddo yjeeb Koenigsegg CCX..Mohammad owns a Medicine Company+ he is a doctor..tc guys

  9. You took a great decision. the Porsche is nothing(Unless it was a Turbo or GT) compared to the Ferarri F430….Great Decision.

  10. walla maba3ref mann!! bes2alak yeh..! ana ba3ref enno 3ando sherket edewyeh w howeh doctor..el zalemeh kteer lazeez w metwade3 w edameh!

  11. for Georges i think that i’ll take some pics of ur car before u do specialy if u live in beirut hehe

    for ZO walla ya ziad mamnou3 tcheri7 WISSAM coz houwe mokhtar exoleb w bya3mil kelchi hehe:D (ya zalame l mokhtar ma bya3rif kel hole LOLLL)

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