6 thoughts on “Lamborghini Gallardo”

  1. koenigsegg ccx? Ya its an awsome car n the fastest street legal car in the world, hope 2 see 1 in lebanon someday 🙂

  2. Bilal ramadan..sadeee2e CCX is not the fastest street legal car in the world(CCX 245+ mph)…the bugatti is the fastet street….(253 mph)..u know the audi R-zero concept makes 286 mph but its concept so we can consider the veryon the fastest street legal….

  3. Hahahaha, my friend Mohammad Al Raai, owns a Koenigsegg CCX. It’s back in sweden, he drives a regular Ferrari 360 Spider here in Lebanon.

  4. wissam, buggati n any car with more than a max speed of 250 hp isnt street legal anywere, i was in dubai in the summer, many 5aleegeye have the veyron but there are special roads to drive it n test drive it, if u r caught with 1 on the road , they will take it from u , n u will be fined 10,000 dinars!

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