13 thoughts on “Tuned Honda Civic”

  1. hi, i took this foto, i heard the engine n its not the sound of a stock honda, at least it has a turbocharger on or the air intakes n exausts have bin replaced with racing edition ones. The body is highly modified, but i m sure some modification was done 2 its motor (It sounded like an old BMW M3).

  2. yeah i think it’s a 1.6L engine!! w hayde mzabbata bil to2sit!! haha…remember GEORGES when we saw him ken 3endo taset!! there were no RIMS!!

  3. pierre is totally right (that y i dought that he got some engine modifications coz it’s more expensive)

  4. really, the car had no rims, haha, were did u see it B4?anyway i dont think the engine was modified but the sound of the engine is different thn the one of a honda, guess the customization of the hood makes the sound eco in a way or somethin tht

  5. Ya so? IF u want to put a nice;y tuned car you should put Xav’s…Walaw ya george we r all LR members 😀

  6. lek georges, bil comlex te3na bil jabal, fee 2 ROLS-ROYCE saffo, wi7de fanton, wo tenye maktoob 3laya Silver Cloud 3, i was able to opn the doors, the trunk, but no the hood!, i took alot of pics, ill send them 2 u as soon as possble, k

  7. silver cloud 3 i think it’s a collection car coz the original silver cloud it was so expensive i watch an auction on TV and it was in milionssss
    and waiting ur pics bilal

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