24 thoughts on “Porsche GT3-RS”

  1. That’s a fuckin’ MASTERPIECE !! simply Gorgeous ! too good to be true …….

    Allah ya Georges allah !

    @Pierre … wlek chou baddak bi hal chaghle man, waja3 2alb 3al fade …

  2. I saw it couple of times in Gemayzeh, it sounds amazing + the driver isn’t as the rest around here, he drives it as it should be driven …

    My favourite Porsche ever … I’d take it over the Turbo anyday … It looks just amazing … Masterpiece …

  3. @ EL KHOURY…i know it’s a pain in the heart if i heard its sound!! but still wanna hear it!!

    @ ZO..dude the 911 TURBO gives u power & speed & everything & specially comfort!! but the RS never heard of comfort!! so…akid the TURBO is clearly better!! 😉

  4. But eno there is about 5,000$ between it and the Turbo so its a tough choice…if you’re searching for pure sport go for the RS, but if you want comforst with sport you have to go with the Turbo.
    Turbo: 205,155 $
    RS: 199,190 $

  5. Guys can’t you read ? I didn’t say that the GT3 RS is a faster/better car. I only said that as far as I am concerned, I’ll surely go for the GT3 RS. Please, just open these photos and admire the beauty. In Lebanon, we only have one GT3 RS which is this one . Ya3neh RARE w Unique w fast w looks absolutely AMAZING … Akeed GT3 RS. Shu baddeh bi 0.3 seconds faster from 0-60 or w/v …

  6. Besides ely 3ando a Turbo/GT3 RS mabetkoon the only car he has so shu baddo bil comfort ??? He’ll get a 5-series BMW or Infiniti or anything as a week car w weekends car is the Porsche ….

  7. my point of view: as you’ve already noticed that’s not the same thing at all !

    first, with a porsche turbo… you have four drive wheels
    moreover If tomorrow I buy this car I’ll take without any hesitation the tiptronic S transmission.. 😀 hehe
    Remember : 3.7 sec, 0 to 100 km/h

    now, a porsche gt3 can be driven “everyday”… but the RS model is really built for the track… besides you have to say that with a such color that deserves to pay the price… I won’t pay 205 000$ for an unmarked porsche 997 with a blue color

  8. GT3 RS as a manual transmission does 4.2 seconds from 0-60 it has a 6 cylinder engine to produce 415 BHP !! That’s one of the fastest 6 cylinder engines ever, it costs 140 K ( Outside Lebanon ) w honeh 200 K, ya3neh mafee hal2ad fare2. I’ve seen it a lot of times, and sara7atan it’s the sexiest car ever to bless the streets for me …

  9. lol Zo is in love

    yes I agree with you
    and congrats for these beautiful pictures… la voiture est splendide
    but If I can tell a criticism.. I don’t really like the rear of the car too much rotund for me

  10. I didn’t like it in the pictures as well, but when I saw it in real life I changed my opinion right away …

    Most of you here know that I always criticize all cars etc… But I have nothing against this beast …

    Aziz, this Porsche is a masterpiece. I’d even take it over the Ferrari F430 … 🙂

  11. Guys, my friend told me that the owner of this car is a young guy. His father is a Porsche freak. His father owns a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S that carries a license plate of also 4 numbers ( 5794 ) I have a picture as well … I’ve seen the father, bass never saw the driver of this car …

  12. @ ZO…dude kif 7atit kel el 3alam 3a rasak?? hel2ad bye7moul?? 😛 lol

    btw chou r u really in love ?? 😉 :P:P loool

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