75 thoughts on “Audi R8”

  1. El Khoury, they aren’t useless :P.

    We are giving the pros and cons about the BELOVED 😛 Audi R8 😀 …

  2. 200.000$$ eh sorry but ur totally wrong.
    just check yahoo.com -> autos and compare cars.
    i was in the states in summer and i found out that the cars are so cheap(i knew that bass t2akadet)i didnt ask for an R8 bass kelloun metel ba3ed

  3. @ BOY…dude u must be very very wrong!! the R8 does cost 240K here in Lebanon! so it’s surely more than half the price there! dude pay attention to which car u’re asking for!!

  4. @pierre : ma3 kel 2e7titame lel R8 i love it soo much:P
    bas who’s the QUEEN??????????????????????? walaw ya pierre

  5. Hayde tawile chway 3a ra2ebtak w 3a ra2bit kettaneh w cherkit Audi kela sawa 😛 Wlak mazeil C2S rabeta terbeye knowing eno its a V6 :D:P !!! Yalla zebele zebele !!

  6. Tfeh 3al sherket el Audi men zghira la kbira …

    El queen akeed heyeh Reino walaw ! :P. Ma7adan bede2elle bi my sis !

  7. my friend zo ana ma3ak tameman i hate the r8 it’s ugly w ktir 3atyina se3er 2aktar men 7ajma w shakla men 2eddem fazi3 w shakla kella 3ala ba3da metel shi audi TT concept

  8. he he he welcome my bro (zo) really enna besh3a w baddi 2es2alak iza enta betwefe2 mai bi hal no2ta ana betfaddel 2el SL55 amg used 7a2a shi 100000$ used with 493 bhp and extremly luxurious car walla btedfa3 7a2 shi wa7de used 7a2a shi 180000$

  9. Hahahahaha Boy, shu baddak bi Pierre :P. Mo55o almaneh . Did you check the 997 GT3 vs. R8 Top Gear video PIERRE ??????

    Watch it w shoof keef it’s getting fucked … 😀

  10. he he he 2eh bro ZO shefta la hal 7al2a 2akalet hawa 2el audi r8 ya zalame el audi shou dakhala bel sport cars haida 2el dor khalliya teterkou lal porche wel ferrari wel bmw

  11. he he he shefet ya ZO kif akalet hawa 2el audi r8 ya zalame 2el audi ma dakhala bel super cars haida 2el dor bass lal ferrari wel porche wel ferrari wel bmw’s ennou ana shou beddi bi kel hal luxury yalli bel r8 ana jeyeb super car lashou beddi kel hal 2eshya law ken baddi fakhame kenet jebet shi lexus sc430 baynama 2el porche super engine w seat’s haida 2el matloub lashou kel hal 2eshya bel r8

  12. kam marra badde 2elkoun ma ba2a tetkhena2o kel wa7ad 3endo ra2yo chou el ossa badde dal haddikoun:P:P ma be sir w 7ello 3anno la pierre howe 7orr y7ebb chou ma baddo :D:D:D:D

  13. Ibrahim, a 50 K difference in an Audi R8 outside and inside Lebanon is something good sara7a :P.

    Cars around here double the price.

  14. eh guys if im nt mistaken this car belongs to Mr moustafa Hamawi, his my boss at Lina’s Verdun, he bought this car in december 2007 before even putting the audi company this car in the showroom(well i saw this car in the showroom in january 2) if u want more pictures i can take pictures of it, i see it almost everyday lol

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