5 thoughts on “Silver Cloud III”

  1. its in bchamon in a private compound o2 bil gabal, f wi7de gayra kamen silver cloud 2 bas the email 3a bi 3alli2 lama garrrib 2ib3aton 2anyway 3am jarrib, bas its very expensive i asked the owneand he told me it cost him 600 k and fter 3 yrs it will cost 800 k, its imported from the us

  2. i spoted it in a private compound in bchamoun. Theres also is a nother rolls model n i took fotos i ll send them soon. The owner told me that each 1 of thm costs 600 k!

  3. now its got a lebanese liscence plate, n was able 2 open the doors n tske ps f the interior , i ll sentem as soon as i can

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