This M3 was spotted by Omar Fayad in Dbayeh.
N.B : on the next update u’d be Hydrocodone is an effective antitussive (anti-cough) agent, and as an it is also an effective analgesic for mild to moderate pain control. able to check around 10 high quality pictures of this car.

Author: georgeskhai (Admin)

22 , ashrafieh , and dont own any of these cars lol

23 thoughts on “BMW M3”

  1. awesome spottt!!!! good job OMAR!! it’s the 1st M3 spotted in Lebanon!! very nice!! i love this car!! can’t wait to spot one!! i just wanna see the details of it!!

  2. Georges, there’s a topic called 2008 BMW E92 M3 bi LR posted by my friend Bassam ( btf ), he has more than 10 CLEAR very nice pictures of this M3.

    I guess the next post we’ll c them :P.

    What a beautiful car really, what can I say ? It’s an M3 … 😀

  3. i saw a silver one during the summer..kenet tou2af 2iddem 732……but i realy prefer the white one..very nice

  4. @ayash…..the owner of the subauru(1555555) hav the M3 ur talkin abt(silver)..but imn not sure if that

  5. @ M3 Owner, this is the car we spotted . I think it’s for a guy from tripoli. He bought an Alpina B7 eza manneh gholtan as well … Smalla, bass the color is amazing.

    Btw, who are you ?

  6. I was referring to the main topic and not to anyone?ǨѢs post 🙂
    @pierre, Zo?Ǩ I?ǨѢm just a M3 owner. And I?ǨѢm not the owner of this white car.
    @don?ǨѢt play with me. Thanks, I don?ǨѢt know about the M6 part though.

  7. right ZO haidi 2el m3 men tripoli la2an deyman bshoufa bel mina tripoli w kamen ur right 2el M6 zbele w m3a2de w ma 3ande engine sound

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