14 thoughts on “Ferrari F430 Spyder”

  1. Hey everyone !
    thanks for the update and congrats to pierre for this very nice & clear photo 😉
    the driver even has the ferrari’s cap ^^ proud of the brand

    nota: hmm pierre please check the dust on your car.. xD
    thanks god the ferrari is clean

  2. This car is for sale by the way, awesome Ferrari, bass the question is why did he convert the roof bi hal very nice weather ? :P.

  3. @ LAURENT…hehe where r u lookin’ man??!! damn i just took a photo of a Ferrari & u’re lookin’ through my mirror to the dust on my car!! looooooooooollll…how could u notice that?? 😛 😛

  4. guys….this car hav z same license plate as the 575 spotted in the previous update.have a look and tel me y..waiting

  5. its agreat car but will not belive what i so yesterday : but iso better i so a bugatti veryon with number plate {787} in the portemillio sweet hotel in jonieh”it was realy amazing

  6. @ don,t play with me…yeah man we know that it’s called SPYDER not CONVERTIBLE….sorry for writing convertible! we’ll correct it…

  7. lol, shu behon el shabeb ? Bugatti Veyron eh ? :P. w license plate 797. Ayre bi hal feel ely tar man :P.

    @ Don’t play with me, for God’s sake change your nickname :P.

  8. haha nice story btw, don’t play with me and 9111 ans syyssyyyy is the same person so plz dont play with us only if u dont wanna comment anymore coz if u change ur nickname once i’ll added u to spam so u wont be able to add coments

  9. berja3 b3eed ano this ferrari is rented plz take a close look at the plate number its M and M is rented cars and it also includes taxis and buses its a RENTED ferrari w ba3dein shabeib yes the guy who said there is a veyron in leb its true ..li2ano ive seen it in the customs area and my dad works there so he knows all about the cars that enter lebanon and there was once an entering of a veyron to lebanon and its number plate is from dubai and its for a prince living in the building EL AHLAM in raouche and he owns two flats in this building the 12th and 13th floor and if u dont believe go ask becvause accordin to my dad the veyron is still in beirut anbd there is no record of it going out!

  10. look joe im not offensing u , but no1 here will believe u if they did see some pictures…
    believe half of what u c and none of what u hear;)

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