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  1. i hate this car!! but still nice to spot!! i would definitely stand next to it & take a look at the details!! it’s an exotic car!!! mahek?? 😉

  2. think car looks awesome in silver, i’ve seen the new convertible version here in qatar, wow… gr8 spot wissam

  3. I totally agree with Pierre & Georges. The only nice thing in this photo is the LEBANESE license plate that this car carries :D.

  4. hate this car ???? siyara 626 bhp mclaren body and AMG engine i think those r the best element of a super

  5. hate this car ???? siyara 626 bhp mclaren body and AMG engine i think those r the best element of a super car

  6. 1) lol ! why do you hate the mclaren slr ?
    2) what is your car georges ?
    3) I really like the second picture. that’s funny because the 3 cooks are looking at the car

  7. guys…innno SLR..hayde…sho bekon hayde spot.mish l M3..plus 1 la 2ele..mish lal M3..(eh pierre)….7abbibibi walla..kidding

  8. @ WISSAM…no +1 lal M3 cuz it’s the 1st 2008 M3 spotted 😛 but this isn’t the 1st SLR spotted 😉

    @ LAURENT…i just hate all the MERCS & specially this one!!

  9. shu 7ilwe hal sayyara….bet3a22ed… w ra2ma libnene kemen..i think its the 1st one in leb ra2ma libnene..nd the owner might be howwe zeto taba3 l lambo..nice spot

  10. guys haidi manna 2el slr 2el wai7de bi lebanon beacouse ana lamma kenet 3am eshteri siyarti shefet 2 slr ble showroom taba3it 2el mercedes w tnayneton silver w haidi sawda ya3ni fi 3 w 2alouli 2ennou fi wa7de ke7liye 2esa

  11. It’s not the first one, the first SLR Adam was bought from Biel’s motorshow. It was silver.

    @ BOY, habibe bek shee ? A car isn’t all about HPs…

  12. inno i think goerges kind of has a point, plastic sucks on any car, they can put carbon fibe n decrease he total weight of the car making it faster, n add as muc as they want 2 the price , inno li 3am yishtriya bi koon 2e5ir hammmo se3ra la2ano bi koon a3o mleyin woo 3am bi zit l srafe la yeshtriya, lk at theplate, it yells it right in ur face

  13. It doesn’t have to show that a guy has a lot of money from the license plate. You can see a Ferrari with a 6 digit fucked up number and yet the guy is billionaire…

    The whole idea of an SLR is wrong, especially that it comes only in an Automatic transmission… Get real !

  14. bravo bravo ?İ?? ???Ć?? ???????İ amazing ihave never see like this car on the street ??? ??new ?İ?? ???? ?İ?? slr 722 bss angad bravo

  15. sa7eb hal siyara esmo:Alain fouad el-khouairy
    ken ma3o porche cayenne S lone aswad mod 2004.chtraha b 019\2006
    seken b adma keserwen

  16. @ SOM3A…mjawwaz? 3endo wled? iza eh kam walad? bayto adde mase7to? 3endo ekhwe?…adde nemret ejro? 😛 looool man chou 3am n2ellak ta3mil te72i2 3anno?? loooolll…NO OFFENSE

  17. walla 2oolo nshala ykoon 3arif ysoo2 hek sayara l zalame hala2 yroo7 ykassera, fuck i think theres only 2 lebanese slrs a silver one n a black one


    @ Bilal, dude there is more than 5 Lebanese SLRs according to Gargour & Fils.

  19. fu man in lebanon there is only 2slr only not more and also
    one ferrari enzo thats itttttttttttttttttttt.

  20. hi guys la mbala fi 5 slr bi lebanon beacouse lamma re7et 3ala 2el delarship shefet 2 silver w haidi black one sarou 3 w 2ella ma ykoun 7adan jeye shi 2 slr used men barra

  21. Hahahahahaha, w meen 2eyelkon ? ur own eyes ? Call the company and check for yourself, 5 SLRs that carry a Lebanese license plate …

  22. man zo, walla 2ana i only saw 2 slrs lebanese (sheyif 2aktar bas mannon lebanese mostly min saudi arabia) n i checked this site n they only have 2, izza fee 2aktar bi koono fallo 3a shee ballad tene, 2ow there just no purchased by anyone yet, bta3rif hade l shirke ANTIPAS, eh it has man exotic cars, fee a bently intercontinental gt, even though none were spotted with a lebanese number, theres 1 in lebanese, min l 2awal lal 2a5eer, i dont really no, bas i dont think so

  23. @ Bilal: Awal shee it’s Antypas, second it’s the Bently Continental GT.

    @ Pierre: Dude, you are so sarcastic. Nfokho :P.

    Guys, that’s what I heard from the company itself, I do not have an identical prove. I hope it’s true… Gargour & Fils said that they sold 5 Lebanese SLRs…

  24. instead of yellin @ Zo u guys should call the company n confirm it! i for 1 believe him, it is very possible!

    as for the number pl8 issue, i dont think that a supercar SHOULD have a nice number plate. the owner of the SLR obviously isnt buying into all that lebanese crap abt showing off and TRYING to be “classy”! i congratulate the guy!

  25. leik habibi anthon nehna weselna khabar ano siyaret bayk el yellow kenet hdiye min sheikh min dubai li2ano howe hayda el sheikh defe3 la mat3am bayak w bayk bas mshaghal el mat3am hom bi lebnein w kamein aalooli ano karamna manno mteba3 la mat3am karam el asli li2ano saheb el mata3em karam 3eyesh bi awkar w 3ando ferrari 430 silver nomreat 430 tripoli…3a kil hal el; lambo taba3ak saret model adim w ana shefta edem mat3am karamna 3a kil hal merci w ma hada bado ya3melak add habibi bye

  26. hahahah mike man roo2 3ale lal sabe..haram..lol but yale elto mike ma3ak ha2 ana seme3 nafs el shi ya man…

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