350z & TT

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us by Oliver Kik.

Author: georgeskhai (Admin)

22 , ashrafieh , and dont own any of these cars lol

14 thoughts on “350z & TT”

  1. Oliver’s TT is one of the best TTs you’ll find around here. Plus, his car tuning is also stunning… Better than any TT you’ll find.

    But again akeed 350Z ..

  2. i saw this Z in zahle a few months ago…
    I like the lester body kit on the blue Z rather than the silver, but still looks hot

  3. @ RALF…yeah man it looks hot!! but it’s on stock!! nwy if u want to see it come to klayaat at summer! u’ll see it everyday!! the owner just got his license & he’s been driving it all along without license! lool…but i think this Z is very clean & awesome!!

  4. Ya chabeb eza mech 3ejbetkoun el TT bbi3a bi 2arda 😛
    Btw ana kamen bfaddil bi 2ashwat el Z bass i had to settle for an audi 🙂

  5. Ma tbi3 Chi Khayye … L TT Tab3ak ktir 7elwe … halla2 eza baddak tbi3a kermel tjeblak chi z sar gher 7adis:P bi3a alla la yredda 😛 … Wel look 3layye oli 😛 …

  6. guys i cant believe that you’re so happy with the engines of these 2 cars???? :/ enno plz minimum after a 6 cylinder engine w turbo w another turbo w special air kit w minimized weight w medreh shu kamen damn after all these the companies are happy with somehow 350 bhp loool eno a normal 6 cylinder M3 engine la7alo it gives u 343 bhp tab eno plz mesh bisharafkoun mesh funny to even try to compare???

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