17 thoughts on “BMW M3”

  1. hey BASSAM nice ride u got there!!! if it’s urs akid!! btw r u the same member from LR?? nwy i love ur car so much & btw it’s the best color for it!! take a good care of it!! btw i still prefer the AUDI RS4 over ur ride!! hehe sorry 😛

  2. That’s not his ride, yes Bassam is the same member from LR ( btf ). His ride is something very special ;).

  3. hi shabeb 2a7la spot la hal sene w 3ala fekra haidi 2el souwar ma2khoude bi tripoli w kamen bayti mbayan bel soura 2ana 2el bineye 2el bordaux 3ala toul bshoufa la hal car bi tripoli

  4. enno le7i2 w jeb M3 l jdide yjiba F1 mesh vitesse 3ade!anyway eza hay w lebnen bye3tebera exotic:P so barke menla2e we7de 4ayra soon

  5. its a nce , woo sarahatan, for a 400 hp car if the driver does it right, he casmoke a f430, but minil shirke itas pretty expnsive, for $180,000, n btw, the audi rs4 is nice but i still prefer this one

  6. (omar hijazi) enta 2elet ennou hal car bte3taba3 exotic bi lebanon enta w 3am tetmaskhar bass hiye exotic car mouch bass bi lebanon 7atta bi usa w tzkar hounik 7a2a shi 80000$ w hon 7a2a 150000$ fa akid lezem ne3tebra exotic iza bi kel 2el 3ala hiye exotic

  7. man this m3 has a power button tht raises hp to around 500hp, n if the driver knows how 2 drive a manual car well n knows how 2 time his speedshifts, it should give the f430(490hp) a bit of competition, trst me i ve seen this car beat f430s on special tracks, a bmw is much faster than u think zo…

  8. You are very very very wrong Bilal, the M button in the M3 DOESN’T raise the M3’s power to 500 HP. And for the 1000 times, it cannot beat a 430 on a track. No way on earth. Get your facts right…

    Ps: Bilal doesn’t relate to me in any way :P…

  9. man i got nothin against u but i saw it on the track beatin an f430 but maybe it was tuned or somethin, its in dubai bta3rif l 5aleegiye have tons of cash so they do wat they want, there was a red m3 n a f430 n the m3 won but again maybe its tuned or supercharged, this is the first time i disagree with u man 😛

  10. guys the other day i was in geant, no one will believe me if i say that i parked my car just in between 2 m3s 7ad ba3ed, one was E30 and one was E36, i just parked in between them, both of them were in excellent conditions, i wanted to make sure from the E36 one so i went and looked inside for the transmition, it was a 6 speed manual. tamanet rasi 2nno its an original one.

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