25 thoughts on “Lamborghini Murcielago 40th Anniversary”

  1. i would definitely rank this spot as the best one on EXOLEB!! it the first BLUE MURC around here!! i wouldn’t think we’re gonna spot a blue one!! very nice work Mr.Ziadeh 😉 hehe…& thanks

  2. what r u talkin abt guys!!! its a lambo murcielago!!
    the body… the rims… no one can complain abt it. no one!

  3. ugly color w bad rims ya lamborghini safra aw sawda with normal wheels aw bala bass ma fina n2oul 3anna ugly car yemken ugly color bass mouch car it’s still a lambo

  4. Sara7a I do agree, if I am paying this amount of money for a great car just like the Murci, i’d get yellow, black or red…

  5. i saw this lambo infront of the bristol hotel a month ago sar5a zamen bi libnen, n the color s not bad but i prefer a more aggressive color like black or red, but the crbon fibre loox good

  6. layko guys i got bad news, the enzo in the customs area isnt enterin lebanon. It used to belong to taha 2laylet, a guy that tried to steal “bank l madeena” a couple of yrs ago by iligaly transferin money , n baught the enzo n after 2 wks the dawle la2atito woo hattoo bil habesh woo 2a5ado l enzo mino n ther gona send it back 2 the ferarri company woo ye2bado ha2a, a guy that worx in the airport told me ths

  7. man we have a special thread about the enzo.
    The enzo is for abou ayyash not 2leylat, i know the guy, he’s a friend of mine! And theyre not gona send it anywhere, aby ayash is working on getting it back into leb.

  8. RALF abou 3ayash 3andou enzo mouch haidi w 3andou yeha men zamen since 2002 w ken 3andi picture la 2ela 2awal manna jeye men 2el airport bass ra7ou

  9. wl thats wat i herd, anyway i got the chance to get close 2 it, it paint job is a bit damaged, n a special driver is test drving it so motor wont get blocked, n remember the gallao spyder with the head light thts not workin, it came to my uncles car tune n repair garage n he repaired it but the light cost him $8500, man olor a head light

  10. @ RALF…man we already know that the ENZO is for ABOU AYASH!! who told that it’s for 2LAYLAT?? btw it’s taken by the government for the reasons that happenned in his bank!!

    @ BOY…dude there’s only 1 ENZO in Lebanon & this is it!!

  11. wl i herd it that it was a guy named taha 2laylet bt i guess i m rong anyway wen is it enterin lebanon, its been rottin 4 3 yrs ta7t l shita, yraj3oolo yeha ba2a

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