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  1. You liked it guys ?:D. So far, 5 430 Scuderias are coming to Lebanon. They arrive each at a different time zone but this Scud is in Lebanon now knowing that Ferrari in Italy produced only 14 Scuderias world wide so far and there’s one here …

  2. awesome car!!! i love its style!! & specially the front bumper & the rims!! oh my god what a car!! i want to hear the sound of this beast!! haha

    @ ZO…dude who gave that information??

  3. I’d like to add something here if you don’t mind me being a bit off-topic:

    I truly thank Georges, Pierre, and Elie for this valuable website. And I said that since I was showing some people their Ferraris/Lamborghinis spotted here and they were like akeed we know Exoleb. We visit very often. Great website…

    Take care guys and c u soon…

  4. @ ZO…7abib el aleb walla !! thanks dude!!

    @ NADIM…yeah u’re right dude!! the number must be more than 14 for sure!!

  5. Ferrari produced 1350 360 Challenge Stradale.
    Naturally the italian supercars brand would like to sell as many 430 Scuderia as 3.60 CS

    I don’t really know the number of 430 scuderia they want to market but certainly not 14…

    14, it’s less than the Maserati MC12 production which reached 50 cars

    and don’t forget that Ferrari build and sell supercars to earn money… it’s not exactly the same thing for bugatti

  6. Guys, you didn’t really get my point. When this Scuderia owner bought this Scuderia it was actually very early and during the launching of it. Ferrari only made 14 Scuderias worldwide BACK THEN and there was one here… Of course they are now producing more and more Scuderias. It’s not a limited edition car at all…

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, take care 😀

  7. shouldnt the scuderia have a stiped silver vynil yimkin l zalame talaba balla l vynil, anyway great cars

  8. 5 Scuderias coming to Lebanon via Motor Sports SAL ( Ferrari ). The red one is a Scuderia only… I agree with Pierre, the rims are gr8 !!
    @ Bilal, no way on earth man. 1 Scuderia in Lebanon for now… Next one comes in the last days in March.
    There is no specific number for the Scuderia production. It’s NOT a limited edition car…

  9. i didnt say it was lbanese but i m sure it was a scuderia i know it from the rear partof the bodykit, but no way in hell is it lebanese, it comes from U.A.E or saudi arabia cus there was arabic riting on the # plate, so , its not from lebanon…

  10. Yet you are wrong again… No way on earth. Get your information right. Because who/what I know is very precise, accurate, and most importantly, TRUE.

  11. dude, i didnt say u were rong, i told u , its not lebanese, k , its from saudi arabia of u a e , its not from the ferrari company in lebanon, if i spot it again i ll even take some picsv 2prove it 2 u, k, u r nt rong, but i m not wrong either.

  12. The people I know can figure out if a Scuderia touches Lebanon weather it was from Honolulu. You can ask Georges, he has an idea of what I’m talking about 7abibeh.

  13. if I’m not mistaken, I think I saw a yellow scuderia too yesterday in Gemmeizeh… I have seen many F430s before and this was different 🙂

    It was not a car, it was a work of art 🙂

  14. what makes you so sure Ziad?
    it look exactly like the red one in the picture

    I didnt pay attention to the number, what if it was a foreign one? what if it just got to leb couple of days ago?

  15. Did you happen to look at the rims for example ? And what about the grill ? And yeah also the HEIGHT of each ? And 1 more thing as well, I know the owner and the red one is a regular F430 :).

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