16 thoughts on “Porsche Carrera 4S”

  1. guys i saw a black 911 GT3 RS with the orange writings! and with the orange rims!! and it was lebanese!!! i cooldnt get any ppics! hope you guys will spot it!!!

  2. I’m sorry to contradict you… but I don’t really like that car

    Let me give you my point of view.
    I’ve already seen a carrera S with that gt3 kit (aerokit cup) in the Porsche Zentrum Stuttgart – Zuffenhausen
    To my mind you buy a real gt3 (when you can buy a C4S you can afford a GT3^^)or something else but you don’t kill the myth and the beauty of the 911 with a kit (you can buy a techart…). The 911 is the most beautiful car ever created. Respect it ^^
    This is the only car you can keep for life

    thanks ferdinand

  3. ^
    – I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams. So I built it myself…
    * Dr. Ferdinard Porsche :).

  4. Hehehe yes well said Ziad. Congratulation for that quotation. Excellent!
    that was just my point of view nothing more ^^
    ..that’s a Porsche 😀

  5. hey shant i saw the one that ur talking about but it’s not a GT3 RS coz i saw it and like i remenber, on the back of the car, they r written CARRERA and not GT3
    btw, very nice tune i think:D

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