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  1. ^ 100% man. I couldn’t have made a better point about the AWD/RWD subject myself… No one could have :P.

  2. @ EL KHOURY…man sorry iza khallaytak t7ess eno 3am bethajjam 3lek aw chi hek! bas man ana bekrah bass 7adan ma yefhamne w b3assib ktir! i cannot express myself in writing & that’s why u may think i’m respecting u! i need to express myself face to face cuz in that i can surely convince anybody! nwy sorry again dude! ma kellna ekhwe! 😉

    & for what u mentionned earlier u’re right about it!! but just wanna mention that the AWD R8 has a better gripping on corners that the CARRERA 4S or any 911 has! cuz after i watched the 5th gear video i realised that the tail of the PORSCHE isn’t as much stable as an R8 cuz the engine is at the rear! so u got most of the weight at the end of the 911 w tiza betzett deghre so this is the advantage of the R8 on the PORSCHES! but the R8 is mid-engined & it’s too stable on the corners! GEORGES knows what i’m talking about cuz we watched the episode together!

    one last thing, akid i’ll never see AWD circuit cars wa2ella makeno el AUDI 3emlo siyaratoun RWD bil DTM! nwy i mentionned everything u said about the right suspension w hole el osas! michen hek bya3emlo el cars RWD cuz they are better for racing on a circuit but on the other side they modify the body by adding a spoiler & some bumpers to let the downforce keep the stability of the car & modifications in the suspension kit & lowering the car & a lot of these stuff! & what i said that AWD cars doesn’t need all these modifications as RWD cars do!! surely the need some mod. but mech add el RWD!

  3. @ AZIZ…eh walla bet2arrif el R8 !! 😛 haha u’re so funny 😛 keep it that way..loolll

    btw guys chou ra2eykoun bil SLK 55 AMG ?? rahibe!! dewkhetne!! i think it’s the best MERC ever IMO!! oh woowww 😀

  4. Habibi Pierre :D.

    Just few points to mention, you were talking about the TOP GEAR video… Actually, Jeremy bought an R8…

    But for me, I’d rather take the Cayman S :P…

    Btw, the GT-R has 70% of the power at it’s Rear wheels and 30% on it’s front. So how the fuck is it an AWD ? :P…

    About the Mercedes-Benz, I actually hated the new SLK 55 AMG… I prefer the SLR much more… Btw, I was reading and I found out that you can close/open the soft top of an SLR Roadster while doing 120 mph… Shit thats amazing !

  5. @ ZO…no man the episode i’m talking about is 5th GEAR!

    the CAYMAN S is awesome & it’s mid-engined too…

    & for the GT-R it is an AWD car! the RS4 got around 60 to 70% of the power to the rear wheels! not sure about the percentage!

  6. Dude, I don’t what you’re talking about but what I know is that Jeremy and Hammond raced each other in the R8 and the C2S respectively… Hammond lost control of the car and they agreed that the engine shouldn’t be at the back :P.

  7. @ ZO…yeah u’re right dude!! i’ve watched this one! but to show u that u don’t read carefully what i write! i was talking about the 5th GEAR when TIFF was driving the C4S!! not C2S..NO OFFENSE!! enta khayye 😀 😉

  8. @Pierre … No prob man
    Akid kelna ekhwe , chou nsito eno we are the winning team wlehhhhhhhhh !!! lol

  9. eh,la nerja3 lal RS4…ya pros…. bow down .ok????w khalas.
    best car ever .it`s better than the M3 although im a big fan of BMW.bass ma3ley .kelmit ha2…badkoun tesma3o sawta bass ,symphony.
    AUDI rules ya bachar.ma ba2a hada yetfalsaf plz..
    ya 3ammeh its the biggest competitor for BMW ,Mercedes….Porshe…..
    dunno exaclty how much it costs ,but deserves every penny..

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