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  1. guys this is the same audi r8 which had the car plate numbe 386000, becaus the owner of this r8 is my boss whois the owner of the linas verdun, its a gr8 car oo 3ala fkra he got this r8 in december 26 or 27, ba3d ma 7ada ken ma3oo mna

  2. @ SHANT..dude there’s 2 Silver R8s! so maybe the other one has the licence plate 386000! & it’s spotted by WISSAM
    & btw he’s not the first one to have an R8 in Lebanon! cuz the 1st R8 was light blue..;) btw there’s a 5th one in the company right now..:D

  3. Shant is correct… This license plate was tajrobiyeh… The official one is 386000 ! And yes, he’s the owner of Lina’s… I think his name is Mostafa.

  4. Correct Pierre, first R8 was the light blue one… The Black R8 that was given to Minas was the best !

  5. ZO..right.ismo mostafa…btwn deyman bshoof l R8 we2fe 7ad S8 w RS4 bil parkking taba3 l beneyeye..

  6. @ ZO…enta 7ki w WISSAM bi2akkid 3a 7akyak 😛 haha 3enna MOKHTAR EXOLEB hone 😀
    @ WISSAM…tayyib man cheftoun 7add ba3dak we2if hone?? rou7 sawweroun man & send me the pics!! chou natir?? 😛 btw what is the color of the RS4 ??

  7. uh wissam, i guess its not an rs4, i dont know, but i know that he has the black s8 and an s4, hala2 i havent noticed if its an rs4 or an s4, coz ma byji fiya ktir, but three of the audis are for teh same guy.Moreover the plate number 386000 bi rakib kl marra 3a siyarra, 7asab shoo bi jib, hala2 were expecting frmo him to get one of teh new bentleys, he was talking about, i dont know ba3d ma jeba, i guess his gonna get the 2009 one, a convertible.lol

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