16 thoughts on “Lamborghini Murcielago”

  1. Hi nice car akid bas i was wondering if the plate is american cz it seems so since u can see the orange light relector in the front side of the car that all american cars have!

  2. I think that’s a KSA license plate since I know this owner… His brother owns a yellow one. Pictures are on Exoleb too.

  3. ZO…..hehhee…maba3ref iza mgalbat inta abt that..bas yalli baaa3rfo ino a saudi family came once 2 lebanon…the father has a black phantom…his son has a black SLR (mawjoode hon) w ibno l tene ma3o vanquish…they used 2 drive wara baa3d(mawkab) tkhayal.ehhehe…last time i saw them was last year(in winter) at 5.00 am in rawshe(bi night club khaleeeje 7ad l pizzahut..but now its closed..donnno y)more than that…i remember inno shefet…2 745li bmws..2 rangerovers ..1 sport arden…H2…Maybach 62..and the above 3 cars(SLR..phantom..vanuquish)…bas makein feyye ysawer..cuz kein fi kteeer guys we2feen barra..hayde l se3a 5 l sobo7

  4. @ wissam yeah i saw those 3 cars and theres pics of them on EXOLEB , just amazing cant find better

    and about the owner of the 2 murcielago i heared that one of those have NO SOUND (they told me that the owner dont like to show off the he got it without sound)

  5. This is also a Saudian family… Both own a Murcielago. One owns a black one and the other a yellow one… They both stay in Lebanon most of the time…

  6. @ WISSAM EL MOKHTAR :P…dude yaret chi marra betchouf kell hel cars ma3 ba3ed w bte2dir tsawwir!! man maba3rif iza mla7az 3a 7alak kell fatra btotla3lna bi khabriye eno chefet 7 Range rovers w 8 H2 w 4 SL55 AMG w 6 BMW 745li w 8 S600 w…halla2 zedta chway bass eno..:P w wala marra btekhoud pics man??!! eno come dude!! haha

  7. @pierre…man sho bek???…inno 2 745li w 2 sport w H2 kteer shi khateeer????….inno 3ade…roo7 3ala cafe wil resturants nhar l sabet betshoof aktar mn heik..sho l galat bil mawdoo3????…who said 6 SL55 w 8 H2??. ma tzeeda….b3din intellak inno for prince bandar…kein malyen bdyguards..benzal bsawerr??..inta kenet 3melet heik??/…bshek..
    @zo….inta skot..kil yallli indak yehon 3al site 3 pics.hehhe..meen 2al 4 billion??>.bas 7otak 3ala manyake 3al 3alam

  8. Haha, I prefer getting rides or driving such cars rather than taking pictures of them… You’re correct on one point, mafeeneh ma 2etmanyak :P.

  9. Guys this car belongs to a Saudi guy who used to stay at the hotel where i used to work, add to this lambo a white s500, a white phantom, w white fx45, etc… He damaged this murci 3 times during one stay, and it used to cost him around 20k each time he fixed it, the pic taken during the night shows the left front headlight broken :s anyway check vid of this lambo revving here http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8606502321&ref=ts


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