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  1. very nice car, btw i spotted a silver gt3 in verdin yesterday but couldnt get a photo since it wasnt parkd n i was walkin so it was just 2 fast :(, :P…..

  2. @ Pierre, akeed it would… w it’s not a latche. It’s a compliment… I love & I would take the GT2 over the GT-R anyday.. But over the 430 Scuderia ? Bass in Aziz’s dreams :P.

  3. Tough call between the GT2 and the Scuderia :P:P And dont mention the name of the GT-R in here its a disgrace, yrou7o l japanese yel3abo 2edeim baytoun πŸ˜€

  4. ^ Hahaha, instead of you comparing the GT2 with the GT-R, compare it with the 430 Scuderia :)…

    @ Omar, the GT2 is faster than the GT-R… For God’s sake, CARS ARE NOT ABOUT 0-60 mph acceleration.

  5. yes sure ziad ana azdi 2ennou 2el gtr sari3a bel acceleration men 0 to 60 and 0 to 200 w bel handling

  6. @ ZO…lah ya zalame!! lezim tekhoud el GT-R !! :P:P
    @ OMAR..dude yeah the GT-R is awesome!! but not to be compared to the GT2!! eno come on!! it’s a disgrace as AZIZ said!! eno iza el GT-R would be compared to the GT2 ya3ne se3et el German engineers lezim yente7ro!! hehe

  7. The new GT-R is a real success…
    – As a proof of quality, the graphical user interface of the gps system on board was created and designed by the developpers of the game: Gran Turismo
    [C’est la cerise sur le g?Ι¬’teau] ^^
    – I let you guess who will have the first Nissan GT-R in the world… (CG)

    The new Porsche GT2 is a masterpiece… that’s not the same thing
    It’s an exercise of power and renown for german engineers. The aim is to push back the limits.

    These cars are completly different
    The gt2 is maybe excellent on the track but I don’t really see the use to have created that model… there are already the Gt3 and the Turbo…
    The GT-R is more a car as american brands can build… very powerful but with a bad roadholding… (……….REACT!)
    The GT-R is good on the track too πŸ˜‰

  8. ZO….GT-R V ..less 150kg then the regular 1….7.25 bi nurbenring..w esss…l 3adeye 7.38….sho l wade3??. wein ray7een l shabeb..faster than the carrera gt..WTF…..

  9. Hahahahaha bravo 3lek Wissam…

    @ Laurent, good point. I think you were talking about Carlos Ghossen having the first GT-R.

  10. sorryt fi ghalta bel jemle sory georges 3ala 2el duble comment it’s πŸ˜› wen 2el update guys πŸ˜›

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