12 thoughts on “12 Ferraris (4-Scuderia, 3-Spyder , 5-F430)”

  1. btw who is putting EXOLEB.COM logo in the middle of the picture it disrupts the whole pic….they should put it somewhere on the bottom right or left

  2. Hey Rami, while some people respect the work we put into collecting photos you submit, organizing them and putting them online, others simply steal the pics and publish them as there own. by putting the logo this way we make it harder for them to do that. We’ll be working this summer on a site redesign and we might find better way to protect pictures on Exoleb. Any idea for protecting the pictures is welcomed.

  3. Elie is totally right, in addition, that’s happened 6 months ago on a facebook group(they stole all our pictures and deleted the logo) and the funny thing is , when i asked them about EXOLEB logo they began to curse & disrespect me.

  4. hi exoleb admins i spotted yesterday 2 lamborghini murcileago lp640 bass henne bi paint shop w ana sawarton bass fini nazelon 3ala group taba3 facebook w entou btene2louwon la hon wa7de blue w wa7de silver lawna metel 2el reventon

  5. damn 12 ferraris at once ma3am min la7i2 ba2a, yalla next time we’ll spot shee 500 paganis 😛

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