8 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz SLR”

  1. This is an RRR: Rashid Richy Rich… Prince of Charja-UAE
    3andeh kaza soura la siyarato including bugatti, bentley flying spur and continental gt, audi s8, maybach, rolls royce fantom and drophead and much more…

  2. 😀 in dont think tht this sheikh,,,,is from sharjah,i think tht he s from ajman,cuz somtimes his cars have ajman number plate,,,,btw most of his cars have the orange and black color

  3. shabeb yesterday kenet bi manta2a bel tripoli 2esma donniye w shefet ferrari enzo 7amra 2akid moush ra7 tsad2ou w kenet lebanese licenese plate w shabeb 3aref 2ennou 2entou men beirout bass iza 3andkon 7adan men tripoli ref2a ya3ni ask them w kamena 3andi pic la 3 lp640 bel paintshop bass walla moush 3aref nazelon blue w silver w red

  4. ok the guy is called sheikh rashed al nuaimi and rrr doesnt stand for richy rich lol it stands for rashid bin rashid bin rashid and the orange black cars ar a trademark for him so are his collections of boats bikes helicopters jets.

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