13 thoughts on “Bugatti Veyron & 2 Rolls-Royce Drophead”

  1. guys ktir besh3in el souwar henne w ma7touta exoleb bel nos put it like the first two pictures in this page at the bottom right ,,,3am tenza3o el pics….

  2. WOOOW !! There are at leat 3 RR Phantoms Drophead in leb.. cz here are two and once i spotted a Red one in the same place (Phoenicia Hotel) !!

  3. @ george: I saw at downtown an slr 722s a normal SLR a ferrari 599 gtb yellow and an M5 all parked behind each other……….They gave me a 20,000l.l parking ticket cz i parked to get pictures of them, how can i put them at exoleb? even though the resolution is not so good and the pics are not so good too cz it was at night and the people started staring at me so i took quick snaps

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