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  1. Ok guys here is the story of this California.
    First, the driver’s name is the owner of the Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge Stradale that was at Milcar’s showroom, and owns 3 Ferrari F430 Scuderia, one that he only parks in his house for display, and one that is the Novitec Rosso recently posted on Exoleb. He bought a Bughatti Veyron that will arrive to Lebanon in approx. 3 months. He bought this California which costs about 450,000$ with regisratation and taxes but didnt like it so he sold it :), and by the way there are 2 other ones arriving. The passenger is the Senior Chief of Ferrari Garage in Lebanon.

  2. 200,000$ Bala Custom duties, 200,000$ ma3 el custom duties, w i think el regestration shi 45,000$. Correct me if i am wrong.

  3. yes george ur right f430 cost aktar men 2el california bass ana mesh sheyef absha3 men hal ferrari really ugly 7adan bya3ref 2eddeh 7a2a 2el gallardo 2004 used in lebanon with or without custom w george 3andi pic la 3 lp640 in tripoli w wa7de slr mclaren bass sa3be 2eb3aton fini nazelon 3al facebook te3i w enta tekhedon ?

  4. ok george bass henne kbar ya3ni 2el pic ta2riban shi 700 kb w shou byeshteghel haida yalli 3andou kel hal cars

  5. Guys the chief of the garage in ferrari lebanon is my cousin and his name is Antoine Tanios…and about the guy who owns the lambos and the 2 slr he is from el koura not from tripolie…i met him few times and one of his lambos is red

  6. @ Aziz get your facts right the guy who owns this california did not own the stradale. cause i know the guy who used to own the stradale and i have been in the stradale i can get you the video. it’s not him….the guy who had the stradal sold it to milcar and got an f F430……by the way where is the F 430 Novitec Rosso on the site???

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