World Cup 2006

World Cup 2006

Use this Post to discuss everything related to World Cup 2006, post news (with source), results, expectations, cheer for your favorite team…

In this box you will see today’s scores, if the box is empty, it means that nobody has scored on todays date. Maybe the games didn’t start yet, or the games may have been scoreless.

Date, Time (Beirut Time) and Location of the matches . (updated regularly)

Tue 20.06.06
33, Berlin 17:00 hrs Ecuador – Germany
34, Hanover 17:00 hrs Costa Rica – Poland
36, Kaiserslautern 22:00 hrs Paraguay – Trinidad and Tobago
35, Cologne 22:00 hrs Sweden ?Ǩ England

Wed 21.06.06
40, Leipzig 17:00 hrs Iran – Angola
39, Gelsenkirchen 17:00 hrs Portugal – Mexico
37, Frankfurt 22:00 hrs Netherlands – Argentina
38, Munich 22:00 hrs C?ɬte d’Ivoire – Serbia & Montenegro

Thu 22.06.06
41, Hamburg 17:00 hrs Czech Republic – Italy
42, Nuremberg 17:00 hrs Ghana – USA
43, Dortmund 22:00 hrs Japan – Brazil
44 Stuttgart 22:00 hrs Croatia ?Ǩ Australia

Fri 23.06.06
48 Berlin 17:00 hrs Ukraine – Tunisia
47 Kaiserslautern 17:00 hrs Saudi Arabia – Spain
45 Cologne 22:00 hrs Togo – France
46 Hanover 22:00 hrs Switzerland – Korea Republic

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Exotic car sales in 2005

This year, and like every year ?Ǩ?Le Commerce du Levant?Ǩ Magazine published the numbers of cars sold in the previous year.
The numbers of exotic cars sold in 2005 are:
-218 Porsche (Majority of Cayennes so the number is not precise)
-4 Bentleys
-2 Aston Martin

Like every year G.A. Bazerji (dealer of Ferrari and Maserati) did not publish the number of cars sold but knowing that in 2004 they sold 13 (exclusive Exoleb info) and knowing that in 2005 and due to all the political events that took place the percentage of cars sold dropped by 20% compared to 2004 (Source: Commerce du Levant) we can calculate that the numbers of cars sold by Ferrari and Maserati should be 10 cars.

Here are some other numbers of companies that produce Exotic cars:
-BMW: 688
-Mercedes: 385
-Jaguar: 156

The number one car sold in Lebanon is the Peugeot with 1725 followed very closely by Nissan with 1708.

Note that those numbers are the numbers of the new car sold in Lebanon.

Lebanese Nights

Lebanon is not only full of great cars… Check this article taken from Business Week.

New Arrivals – The hottest spots for bars and clubs in Europe right now are not where you’d expect

December 05, 2005 By Philip Watson – Business Week
St Tropez? Pass?ɬ. Ibiza? So over. The hottest spots for bars and clubs in Europe right now are not where you’d expect


Vibrant Beirut was at one time the Paris of the Middle East, a magnet for nightclubbing hedonists from East and West. A long civil war tarnished its cosmopolitan character yet, in the 15 years since the ceasefire, Beirut has rebuilt its reputation forfun in the sun. The bustling playground ofthe Levant is swinging harder than ever, alive with alfresco cafes, designer shops, exclusive beach clubs and all-night clubs.

The best place to start a long, heady night is around the pool of the swanky open-air Sky Bar at the top of the Palm Beach Hotel (Ain el-Mreisseh; +961 (0) 1 369 113), which offers cocktails, DJs playing loungey sounds, and magnificent views across the Med.

Stunning Lebanese girls, flashy local celebrities and monied businessmen then move on to Zinc (37 Seifeddine el-Khatib Street; +961(0) 1 612 612), a classy, dimly lit restaurant and bar in a French colonial villa that was taken and retaken so many times during the war that it was eventually nicknamed the “Bitch of Beirut”.

After midnight, revellers head to Monot Street, a hilly road lined with bars and clubs that lies beside the infamous Green Line, which once divided Christian East Beirut fromthe Muslim West. Here, the party continues at a knowingly war-themed bar called 1975 (Monot Street; +961 (0) 3 323 700), named after the year that the fighting kicked off. Inside, mortar shells stand on the bar, fake sandbags are piled up in the windows, and the waiters wear fatigues and combat helmets, while your drinks are served in old ammunition boxes.

Near to Monot Street is the plush and baroque Crystal (243 Monot Street; +961 (0) 1 332 523), Beirut’s largest and flashiest club. Dressing up is positively encouraged here. Whenever a punter buys one of the ?2,500, nine-litre bottles of Mo?ɬt & Chandon, the music stops, a spotlightis beamed onto themand an anthem is played as two waiters carry over their order.

The late-night partying continues until 7am at the legendary BO18 (Lot 317, La Quarantaine; +961 (0) 3 800 018), a rather eerie underground bunker that looks like a cross between a bomb shelter and a mausoleum. The club has a domed roof that retracts to allow the ravers to dance to house and techno under the warm, starry sky.

So we are waiting for your visit.

Paris Hilton Unhurt in Minor Car Crash

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — Paris Hilton was unhurt early Wednesday in a minor car accident as she left a Hollywood nightclub, said Hilton’s publicist, Jack Ketsoyan.

Hilton was a passenger in a silver Bentley that a companion drove into the back of a large commercial truck, scratching the hood of the car. The mishap was captured on videotape and aired on television and the Internet.

Los Angeles police Officer Michael Lopez said no one was cited after the mishap. The name of the driver was not immediately available from police.

“They decided to leave the scene because the paparazzi was there,” he said.

Lopez said the Bentley stopped again near the scene and the occupants were told by police to leave the location. Hilton was seen on the videotape blowing a kiss to the officers.

Updates on May Chidiac Condition

May Chidiac underwent nightlong surgeries at Beirut’s Hotel Dieu Hospital and doctors said Monday she was in ‘stable but critical condition,’ recuperating in an intensive care unit from an assassination that severed her left hand and leg the day before.
“Her injuries were critical and she will remain under constant observation for the next few days,” said a pre-dawn medical bulletin read to hundreds of journalists and cameramen maintaining around-the-clock vigil at the lobby of the hospital. She also suffered a broken hip and a multiple fracture in the right leg. Her vital organs were “stable,” however.

Chidiac, 42, a leading anchorwoman at Beirut’s LBCI television network, miraculously survived a bomb blast that ripped her grey 4-wheeler when she started the engine to drive out of a parking lot in the township of Ghadir close to the LBCI headquarters in Adma off the coastal city of Jounieh north of Beirut Sunday afternoon.

She was afire behind the wheel when onlookers rushed to extract her out of the burning car and extinguish her flaming clothes and hair with bed blankets from nearby homes. She was first taken to a Jounieh clinic and then transferred in a heavily escorted ambulance to Hotel Dieu.

Police said a 4-to-5 kilogram explosive charge was planted below her seat with a detonator attached to the ignition so that it would go off once the engine is started. But An Nahar said the bomb may have been detonated by a mobile telephone signal from a short distance.

Mrs. Chidiac began her working day with a 90-minute interview on LBCI with An Nahar’s columnist Sarkis Naoum about a ‘black cloud’ hanging over Lebanon during the countdown for the U.N. report on the Feb. 14 assassination of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri.

She drove afterwards from Adma to the house of attorney at law Assaad Fares for a prolonged lunch with his family in Ghadir and then walked out to her car in a nearby parking lot to go home. She landed in hospital, instead.

The attack on Chidiac was the latest in a series of bombings across the capital in which Hariri, An Nahar’s columnist Samir Kassir and Communist ideologue George Hawi were killed. Telecommunications Minister Marwan Hamadeh and Defense Minister Elias Murr escaped separate car-bomb assassination attempts in October and July.

There has been growing speculation that the attacks would increase as the U.N. investigation into Hariri’s assassination edges toward conclusion. Chief investigator Detlev Mehlis is due to announce the outcome in a report to the Security Council Oct. 21.

Source: Naharnet

Please pray for May.

Visit LBCI’s web site for continuous Info about May’s condition.

You can see in the pictures, pictures of May Chidiac.