Ferrari F430 Accident

EXOLEB 26-09-05 received two reports in the previous days that a Blue Ferrari F430 owned by a Jordanian man and driven by his Lebanese Girlfriend had an accident in or near Ajaltoun, Lebanon. The girl lost control and crashed to a wall.
If you have more info related to the accident or if you have pictures contact us.


Prominent LBCI newswoman May Chidiac suffered critical wounds in an assassination attempt in the coastal city of Jounieh north of Beirut, Lebanon Sunday. The LBCI said a bomb ripped through her car and she was rushed to a nearby hospital where she is undergoing surgical operations.

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(Pictures from LBCI Television)

Ferrari Lebanon

EXOLEB.COM Exclusive: A source told me that the dealearship of Ferrari in Lebanon sold 13 cars this years. Usualy the dealer of Ferrari does not say how many cars he sold no matter who is asking but we managed to get the number, But I don’t know if this is the number of Ferraris and Maseratis sold or if its only the number of Ferraris.

Mercedes SL CLUB of Lebanon

Aziz Adhami just finished his Mercedes SL CLUB of Lebanon web site.
The site is great so if you want to visit just go to :

Description of the site: This is a Mercedes SL CLUB located in Beirut, Lebanon. I’m addressing all those who live in Lebanon or far away who are willing to participate. Many activities are waiting. So if you own an SL R129 or R230 and you’re interested, join the club.

So if you want to join the club or you just like the SL is waiting for you

New exotics in Lebanon

News to all the people that like to see exotic cars in Lebanon.

There is a Ferrari F50 in Lebanon today it was parked near City Mall I saw it but I couldn’t take a picture (it was too far).
A arabian prince brought a Mercedes SLR and a Ferrari to Lebanon so try to spot them too.

If you see any of those cars don’t forget to take pictures and share them with us by submitting them to the site.

Truck Accident

This truck (from Emirates) who was moving cars from Lebanon to other countries lost her brakes on the 24-07-05, so the driver (who is syrian) lost control and went off the road. Unfortuanately the truck was full of Mercedes all the cars where Your truck driving schools in chicago likely will have either a lead teacher or a coordinator that handles registrations. damaged but as you see in the picture 2 S and one ML (and another unknown car not seen in the picture) fell from the truck and substained the biggest damage.
The driver of the truck survived the accident but he have serious injuries.

Picture and info taken from An Nahar 25-07-05

AutoWeek’s Best Cars in America

AutoWeek magazine asks it readers every year to choose their best car in every category.

This year American readers picked:

The Ford GT as the best Exotic.

The Chevrolet Corvette as the best Sport Car.

And the Ford Mustang as the best Coupe/Convertible.

(there is other categories but they do not interest us)

So the americans chose the american cars as the best cars, But personnally I think that the F430 and the Carrera GT are more exotic then the Ford GT (those where the three car they had to choose between). But i approve the other choices.

Ferrari and Honda (motorcycle) race

I just saw this on a french site so I translated it to share it with you.

A motorist and a motorcyclist where intercepted on the A7 motorway in Avignon, France racing at a speed of 250 km/h. The two drivers where stopped. The two big-engined cars, a Ferrari registered in the Alpes-Maritimes and a Honda 900 Cm3 from the Rhone delta will be now immobilised. the two drivers will have to appear before justice for their excessive speeds, according to the french police.

Attack targets Elias L Murr’s motorcade; 12 people injured, 2 people killed.

Today (12-07-05): Pictures from the site of the recent explosion at Naccache, a Beirut suburb. The blast was aimed at Elias Murr, the current Lebanese Defense minister. The minister as well as 12 other people in his entourage were wounded. 2 civilians were killed
Elias L Murr was driving his Porsche Cayenne Turbo that was damaged in the explosion (pictures) and his escort was in a Mercedes that was also severly damaged.

Pictures taken by Saad Slim.

Pictures I had intended on posting earlier this morning will be posted soon.