7 thoughts on “Ferrari 360 Modena”

  1. last week i sat in a red modena just like it in my friend building, he told me ino its owner also has a lumina ss, and pimped up impreza, and a ferrari monza, which i saw earlier that week, it color is gray , it is great

  2. the owner of this car didnt have an accident, hez just changing the front bumper coz u can see that it had “farfoura” written on it in the video clip.

  3. im sorry to dissapoint u ya kamal but this ferrari WAS involved in an accident cuz i worked on it…..

  4. hey what do u mean by worked on it??? ino ur the one how replaced that bumper with a new one:S???
    look rabih tell the owner to come to the meeting and if u know someone who owns exotic cars:D:D

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